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What the Neo-Nazi's are saying now about The President and their Bannon Panic. By Geniusofdespair

Striker’s Analysis: The Kushner/Cohn Junta, And What Must be Done About It
Eric Striker - Daily Stormer
April 9, 2017
(EXCERPTS --- BTW The use of triple parentheses or triple brackets, also known as an (((echo))), is an antisemitic symbol that has been used to highlight the names of individuals of a Jewish background )

Public approval polls by the Jewish media have around a 10-15 point margin of error when gaging sentiment about Trump. But Trump’s official mid-30s rating should not be dismissed, and his cabinet’s internal polling is surely picking up floundering numbers.

A lot of that is Jewish manufactured controversy, (((Adam Schiff))) and the swamp aren’t going to lift their barrage on Trump unless he does exactly what they say. Under this non-stop artillery blitz, Devin Nunes was forced to resign from the “Russia investigation.” This event was preceded by General Flynn’s CIA political assassination to be replaced with the neocon lapdog H.R. McMaster.

The main issue behind Trump’s dwindling support however is the GOP Cuckgress refusing to work with him on any of the issues he ran on (immigration, trade, swamp-draining budget cuts), instead choosing to prioritize unpopular policies like further privatizing health care and more tax-cuts for billionaires.

The terrorist attack on the Syrian airport – not even effective if the Pentagon’s stated goals are to be believed – is my personal first strike against Trump. (((Steve Mnuchin))) drawing up sanctions looking to overthrow Assad, if they are applied, will be strike two. A full out war or assassination of Assad would be my strike three. But I understand if he has lost you already.

At that point, we will be compelled to launch a national, vigorous anti-war protest movement. Not necessarily against Trump, but in defiance of President Kushner and Vice President Cohn.

My main criticism of civic nationalism isn’t aesthetic, or even based on any ideological absolutes, in fact, I am of the opinion that some degree of pragmatism is required in any political venture for it to succeed. But it is decidedly unpragmatic to be pragmatic towards Jews. Any institution that allows even one Jew to participate will be overtaken by them!

President Kushner

By most MSM accounts, the Trump administration has been shoveling more and more important foreign policy and economic jobs to Jared Kushner, a 36-year-old real estate speculator and card-carrying Jewish Democrat, who was once a mediocre student and has no experience in politics. Everything you hear from the fake news establishment ought to be taken with a grain of salt, but recent events lend credence to MSM reports about ascending Kushner.

In respect to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, there are a flood of reports saying Kushner has more or less usurped the office.

Both Kushner and Goldman Sachs’ Gary Cohn are intensifying their protracted West Wing cold war against Steve Bannon, trying to shut him out, isolate him, and either absorb him into the machine or force him to resign. It is being alleged that President Kushner was the instrumental force behind Bannon being forced off the National Security Council.

The picture of the war room showing President Kushner and Vice President Cohn’s position at the table next to Trump, in anticipation of the Syria strike, says a thousand words.

President Kushner’s vital interest as a Chabad Lubavitcher in foreign policy is to advance Israel at the expense of America. For Heartland America, which Bannon left his Goldman Sachs job to defend, the people are stiffed with the bill: dead farmboys and trillions in debt. The antagonism in the White House is a microcosm of the greater struggle: Aryan vs Jew.

Kushner’s role as an expressive figure in the Trump administration has not arisen in a vacuum. The Jew neocon Henry Kissinger, who once played a similar role in the White House, is personally advising Kushner. All the swamp critters and Jewish media moguls have Jared’s back.

It’s important to prepare for more of this behavior. The few Jews littering Trump’s cabinet haven’t only gotten him to betray his promises on foreign policy. Trade may be next on the chopping block. As for immigration, I won’t go into that now, but there may be a bitter surprise waiting on the horizon.

Gary Cohn and Steve Mnuchin: A Globalist Shift on Trade?

On trade, there are signs that Trump may be wavering, or even that his Jewish appointments are micromanaging this away from his stated vision with him hardly noticing. Opposition and significant reforms to NAFTA were an important plank he ran on. The executive order to toss TPP in the garbage bin was a feat in keeping with his promise to the American people, but Mnuchin and Cohn have moved back their line and are now jealously guarding NAFTA.

The latest chatter coming out of the White House paints a picture of Ivanka Trump using her close relationship with her father to manipulate him into betraying his revolution. There is talk of retaining Reince Priebus and having him lead a “pivot to the center,” or in layman terms, handing over the keys to policymaking to the Jews in the government. It appears 70-year-old Trump is exhausted by the work of both being the President and fighting everyone.


On both style and substance, Bannon got crosswise with Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, who are pushing for a more competence - and results-driven focus for the West Wing.

The latest from the “Game of Thrones,” on location in Mar-a-Lago this weekend:

The changing culture: Here are the two crucial words to understand the outgoing style and incoming style: We’re told that rather than “nationalist” vs. “globalist,” think of “combat” vs. “collaboration.”

How the Bannon bubble burst: The last straw for his internal critics: news stories portraying Bannon as the keeper of the Trump flame, in opposition to Jared, Ivanka and economic adviser Gary Cohn — all (((New Yorkers.)))

Playing defense: Bannon’s allies both inside and outside the White House are scrambling to try to save his job, Axios’ Jonathan Swan reports. They argue that getting rid of Bannon will cost Trump among his “America First” constituency, and that Trump’s key to victory is to keep his base motivated.

What’s next: This weekend, Bannon, Kushner and Priebus are having discussions about whether the marriage can be saved: “Either Steve becomes a team player and gets along with people, or he’ll be gone.”

Orientation around results is the hallmark of a great businessman, which is why contrary to what cuckolds believe, a businessman would make an awful President. Jews get short-term results, but at the cost of every other value. Bannon’s ideas haven’t gotten immediate results because of the immense, putrid corruption in the Judiciary and Congress. Leading a Hugo Chavez style internal revolution propelled by Trump supporters could help burn these weeds and clear the field for new ideas, but Trump is either unsure or unwilling to pull the trigger.

Personally, I think Bannon has enough principle and backbone to resign and make a public statement if Kushner, Ivanka and Priebus decide to turn him into a powerless prop to keep the goyim happy. We must support him in such a scenario, and draft him to challenge Trump in 2020.

But it’s also important to take a step back and take a moment to consider whether this political chit-chat seeping out of the Trump government could be false.

Either way, it’s time to start psychologically preparing ourselves for the biggest betrayal since Obama.

In such a case, we must aim our protest at Kushner, Cohn and Mnuchin, not necessarily Trump himself, who appears to be a deflated and intimidated passive actor in this shift. Are they blackmailing him? Are they threatening him with a coup? It’s impossible to know at the moment. “Wait and see” is my suggestion.

What is to be Done? Fight the Tyranny of Gold!

There is no reason to be pessimistic.

I assume that everyone knew from the start that Trump was using us to advance his dream of becoming President, and we in turn were riding his coattails to get our message out and grow our ranks. It has been a mutually beneficial relationship so far and we are stronger than ever before. Trump has also done great work exposing the evil institutions that are murdering us and destroying the world, and neither the Judenpresse nor the deep state will ever recover from the 2016 election in the eyes of white working and middle class people.

Trump’s already done most of his part from our point of view, anything more is just a bonus.

In this stage of our national revolution, we must work towards forming an Alt-Right political party. That means the increasingly visible professional clean-cuts must combine their resources with the numbers of the growing rural working class alt-right. From the start, I never shared the absurd view that it is possible to take over the GOP – unless you have billions of dollars like the Jewish donors, that’s never going to happen, Trump was a fluke that they will ensure never repeats itself again. It is time for the various factions of the Alt-Right to begin drawing up candidates in anticipation of a Trump betrayal.

Tens of millions of disappointed Trump voters in the Rust Belt and Appalachia will be demanding answers and we have to be ready to organize them. Local candidates can win seats and establish grassroots organizations, which are trampolines to run candidates for Congress at a later date. A simultaneous street protest movement that raises consciousness and agitates to push the political window – ready to defend itself by any means from counter-revolutionary leftists – must be established to accompany it.

Whether Trump’s Presidency turns out to be a disaster or a success, it’s looking a bit like Oswald Spengler’s late-stage Caesarism. Right now, we’re living through the final days of the American Empire, no matter what happens next. If Trump keeps this up, he will lose in 2020 because he can’t win without us. The (((Democrats))) will run a candidate that will dish out savage collective punishment against white people for even worrying the Jewish power structure. They’ll make sure Trump never happens again.

So when it finally comes tumbling down. A war, a cataclysmic stock market crash, a monumental government scandal – any number of scenarios are likely in the coming years. And if you neglect independent Jew-free organizing to keep a GOP membership card in your hand, you’ll be sucked up by the black hole while a more deserving and persistent ideological force emerges.


Anonymous said...

Hatred, ignorance, and fear mongering are front and center in this disgusting ramble. The funny thing is that somehow Trump who appointed or chose his advisors is somehow an innocent bystander. This would be a parody if it wasn't so bigoted. There have always been nuts spouting crazy theorizes, but the diatribe from the alt right in this blog is beyond troubling. The hope is the vast majority of Americans can not stomach this group.

Anonymous said...

Trump's ascent was a revolution tainted with fraud, treason and more aided by various groups. "like Saturn, the Revolution devours its children."
Right wing constituents are wary because their children may soon be coaxed into another meaningless war to further usurp and concentrate inherited wealth, while basic subsistence and health care will be lost to fund the perpetual war against "evil".

Anonymous said...

If we survive until November 2018, the House will change and swing back to people who will fight with vengence.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

If and If and If indeed.

Anonymous said...

The thirty year pussification of America is now officially over.

Anonymous said...

What a rant, wow.
I would caution dough, there is always something to be learned by ones enemy or opponent or adversary. Even if it's only to watch them closer.