Tuesday, April 18, 2017

My trip to see Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. By Geniusofdespair

Ileana looking pretty good.

Indivisible 305 Members
Indivisible 305 set up the meetings with U.S. Rep's Ileana Ros-Letinen and one with Carlos Curbelo. Both are Republicans with lots of Democrats in their districts, both at reelection risk, so there has been some moderate stuff in their voting records.

We, me and a few members of Indivisible 305, met with Keith Fernandez  - General Counsel and Communication Director for Ileana, since she was not there.  

We asked for her to attend/hold a town hall meeting in the near future - Most Important. Keith said: "She doesn't traditionally do Town Hall Meetings". Change is good Keith. She needs to change because people know a one-on-one is just a head bobber,  they don't have to really say anything of substance...like you were doing during the meeting Keith.

Ileana does support the Paris agreement on climate change. The rest of the meeting was Blah, blah, with Keith nodding his head a lot and drawing pictures  taking notes.  Very good listener. He said he is going to pass the blah blah along.

The meeting was about:

Russian interference in the election (need to have an independent investigation); Laws targeting undocumented immigrants; Improvements to the ACA; and Funding for research on climate change (Kids - we already have the research, we need strategies to cut carbon dioxide emissions. We need the will.)


Anonymous said...

Was Keith allowed to make any kind of meaningful response?

Anonymous said...

This why the general public have a low opinion of politicians.

Anonymous said...

Invisible 305 visits Invisible Congress Woman. Surprised?

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the visitation, what they did not know was you represented many of us. There is going to be lots of "softening up" and down right flip flops like those of the president before it is over.