Saturday, April 29, 2017

Millions Showed Up at the Global Warming March/Rally in Miami, (Donald Trump's estimate). By Geniusofdespair

You know I have to get your attention. I didn't exactly go to the march for Global Warming, I had to go to a very important meeting. Philip Stoddard and Cindy Lerner sent me the photos below
...But These People Were There - I think this means "United for more fritos, Latinos for the Planet." Oh, I made a mistake fuertes means powerful not fritos. Together we are powerful -- I think.
Very annoying to have this guy facing the wrong way on the Sable Trail Pipeline as people march for the Planet.
The group was multicultural. That is nice to see -- that everyone is in agreement.

Jose Marti Park
South Miami Mayor Phil Stoddard, Gina McCarthy (EPA Secretary before Pruitt) and Caroline Lewis of Cleo

Caroline Lewis, Gina again and Cindy Lerner

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