Thursday, April 27, 2017

Miami Climate Change March, 1 PM Saturday @ Jose Marti Park ... by gimleteye

This is important. Around the nation, this Saturday, marchers will take to the streets to express their support for policies to address climate change now.

We just have to be better organized than climate change deniers, including the state legislators and the Republicans who control levers of power in Washington and Tallahassee.

Here's how important Saturday's marches are: the earth just passed a carbon dioxide threshold that has no precedent in human history. Climate change is gathering force as the Trump administration and GOP Congress puts sound climate change policy in reverse. We are the lucky ones, in the developed first world, but already in the most desperate parts of the world, climate change is wrecking millions of lives.

The stakes for the young today, for our children and grandchildren, couldn't be higher. They will face the brutal impacts of climate change, head on.

So help. Marching on Saturday is not an end. It is a means to organize for better politics to cope with what lies ahead.

From the Robert Scribbler blog:
This past week, atmospheric carbon dioxide levels passed a new ominous milestone.
Clocking in at 410.7 parts per million at the Mauna Loa Observatory, this key heat trapping gas hit a range not seen on Earth for many millions of years.
(The world crossed the 410 part per million milestone in the daily measure this week. Image source: The Keeling Curve.)
Here is a message from the organizers of the Peoples Climate Change March:

The routes are set. The buses are filling up. The banners are painted.

In less than 100 hours, hundreds of thousands of people will descend on Washington, D.C. to march for climate, jobs and justice. And all across the country, from Fairbanks to Fort Lauderdale and Miami, people will gather to rally and march, fighting to save our communities and the planet.

Here are the details for the Peoples Climate March:

What: Miami People's Climate March
Where: Jose Marti Park
When: Start: April 29, 2017 - 1:00 PM
End: April 29, 2017 - 4:00 PM

Don’t miss this moment — and don't let your friends miss it, either.

It’s important to make sure you have a plan for how you’re planning on getting yourself to the event - are you going to take public transit, bike, drive or walk to the event? But it’s even more important to bring your friends and family to the event with you.

With a little help from our friends, we can make April 29 truly historic.

Use the links below to share the People’s Climate March with your friends, neighbors and family, and invite them to join you!

The Peoples Climate March is going to be a massive show of power 100 days into this destructive administration. Together, we can help turn the tide - but only if we show up.

See you in the streets!

The People’s Climate March Team


Anonymous said...

Any idea if the March is staying in the same area? I'll be there around 2pm. (knowing Miami it probably won't have moved by then!)

Anonymous said...

Did you have the audacity to say that the science isn't settled? You have no business spreading fake news. If you can't deal with reality of climate change then just don't comment.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, or maybe ask 99% of scientists that are in the field. Another Jacka$$ conservative with his head in the sand.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I realized this is a passionate conversation.
As a conservative and a register republican, I ask what is it so difficult to admit that our climate is changing. I for one do not have to be a rocket scientist to see that in the last 20 years our climate has increase in temperature and our sea levels have risen. However, I do not attribute it all to man. The earth is tilting, and this is also a product of the natural process. So it is a combination of both. I also understand this is about MONEY and funding to continue research and providing sufficient funds for corrective measures. I for one agree that funding should be provided, but the rest of the world must also be responsible and provide their fair share.
Again my opinion and please lets try to be tolerant with each other. In the ultimate end we want what is best for our children.
Thank you

Buzz Fleischman said...

It's a shame that people can't back up their public comments with their name. If you truly believe in what you're posting, give it a little credibility by saying who you are.
let others investigate your claims and remember extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence (not so-called fake news)