Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Is There Anti-Trump Sentiment? House District 6 in Georgia Could Tell Us. By Geniusofdespair

We know there is Anti-Trump sentiment with Democrats but what about with Republicans? Have they turned off Fox News yet? 

It all comes down to a runoff June 20th because Jon Osoff did not get over 50% in this Republican leaning district in Georgia.

Democrat Jon Osoff got 92,390 - 48%
Republican Karen Handel got 37,993 - 20%

I added up the the votes of the top 6 Republicans: 96,039. The votes of the remaining Democrats in the race only added up to a little more than a 1,000 so it wouldn't have helped if Osoff had been the only Dem in the race. As you can see, more Republicans voted by 4,000 (and there were a few other Republican candidates garnering a couple of thousand).

Now it all comes down to: Which party votes in the Election. Donald Trump has taken a personal interest in this race, tweeting about it the past few days.  Tweeter in Chief won this district by 1%. Georgia 6 is 9.5% weighted more for a Republican win.

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Gayle Ryan said...

The money spent on stopping this Democratic race could solve world hunger :(

Im a member of 4 Democratic Groups in the Martin County - Stuart Fl area.

WE need to get the vote out and change the politics to change the problems!!