Saturday, April 22, 2017

Eye on Miami Saturday Editorial Page. By Geniusofdespair

State Senator Jose Javier Rodriguez
I look at State Senator Frank Artiles with disgust and I am so glad he is gone. What a piece of shit. I am so very proud of my State Senator Jose Javier Rodriguez. There is some sanity left in this world. However, my State Representative is a big disappointment. Don't even remember his name. I guess that makes him lucky. He is like fellow Democrat DINO Daphne Campbell 2. Duran, that is it.

Nick Duran a big fat NO
Listen up Democrats: I know it is important to increase the number of Democrats in the State House BUT I WILL NOT VOTE FOR THIS GUY AGAIN. I might write my own name in.


I dub Palmetto Bay worse than Hudstead and that is saying a lot. The voters there are clueless since they continue voting for the toxic John Dubois.  I think the Village Council's recent 3 to 2 vote to repeal a former vote allowing a development might end up getting the Village sued. John Dubois appears to love lawsuits. The Ethics Commissioner had advised John Dubois not to vote and that opinion still stands according to Joe Centorino the Ethics Commissioner. John Dubois voted anyway.  John Dubois' suit against the Ethics Commission was dropped.


I really hate writing for this blog now. I think because government: County, State and Federal is just so very bad, embarrassingly bad.  I feel like I am always looking away -- as if there is a dead rat on the sidewalk and I don't want to barf. How much can you look away? But when I don't, it just makes me crazy. We have a Bizarro world filled with hater, xenophobic, racist people. I have never seen anything like this in my lifetime...except when I was young and I would read superman comic books.

Poor Superboy
Lastly, I read Facebook and I know most of you are lost in some really unrealistic optimism: I call it the cute puppy, cute kitten syndrome. Get real.

This is our life, don't look away, face it:

This is how we all eat breakfast isn't it? What is with the mannequin on the right?
Don't look away this what Americans elected. Doomed.


Anonymous said...

You always make me laugh. I have cute puppy syndrome, I admit. Thanks for the dead rat.

Anonymous said...

Even if things are completely effed-up, there are moments of justice that give us reason to hope. That fact that no other Republicans came to the defense of that idiot Frank Artiles was admirable. When he tried to play off his racism as some vestige of his Hialeah upbringing, the Senator from Hialeah, Rene Garcia, demanded an apology to the people of Hialeah. These are refreshing moments in an otherwise bizarre period of American history. Enjoy the weekend...knowing that Artiles probably found his bags on the lawn after his wife read about his Hooter's consultants traveling to the Kentucky Derby to assist Frank deal with the two minutes of excitement. Life is good.

Anonymous said...

If Frank Artiles misappropriated funds from his PAC by paying $2000 to Heather Thomas a Hooters calendar girl and $1500 to Brittney Singletary then Criminal Charges must be brought.

Anonymous said...

Will KRF investigate former Senator Artiles?
Bill Foote

miaexile said...

paint more! more art to balance the madness!
also i had to look away from a dead possum in my backyard, forearms outstretched upwards like he was literally reaching for his last breath -

Steve Hagen said...

I really hate writing for this blog now. I think because government: County, State and Federal is just so very bad, embarrassingly bad.

Make your knowledge and dedication count more by perhaps cutting back on your posts but then telling your readers what to do....emails to to make....For me, I am making more effort one on one with my neighbors and even strangers in the grocery line who ignore the facts....All levels of government are frozen over a few wedge issues...and greed...What happened to we??? Steve Hagen