Saturday, March 04, 2017

Zika back in the news. By Geniusofdespair

Miami Herald

I read the other day in the Miami Herald that an asymptomatic man's donated blood tested positive for Zika.  Having a virus without knowing it could mean that there are many more people harboring the virus in their unsuspecting bodies.  Maybe that is why I am so cranky...nah, it is Trump.

Knowing Mayor Philip Stoddard cared about the environment and his constituents, I asked Philip Stoddard of South Miami what his city did about Zika prevention.
"In November I sponsored a resolution to have the County spray the mosquito larvicide Bti in South Miami. It was approved unanimously by the Commission. Bti proved to be the only product that was effective in reducing populations of the mosquito that transmits Zika. Bti is super-specific to the sub-order of flies that includes the mosquitoes. It may cause problems if contacted directly, so we do require it be applied at night. See item (d) at top of page 4.

Also, the dominant insecticide class we discourage the County from spraying in South Miami cannot and did not control the mosquitoes that carry Zika when it was applied in Miami Beach. The local Zika-carrying species, Aedes aegypti, evolved resistance because of insecticide overuse to control salt marsh mosquitoes which do not carry human diseases. However use of this insecticide class was linked last year to 25% elevated levels of childhood autism in NY zip codes where it was applied for mosquito control.
I am looking out for health of our kids at all ages."

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