Monday, March 06, 2017

This is Why I Give Up on Americans: I believe they are a lost cause. By Geniusofdespair

Letter in the Miami Herald:
I never realized that there is such hate in this world for a man who wants to make America great again. So many letters say that President Trump is filled with hate against just about everything and everyone.

However, those letter writers, and columnists like Leonard Pitts, are the ones who are filled with hate.

Trump is president and will remain so. Nothing will be found that will lead to impeachment. Everyone gets hurt if one blocks or fights everything he proposes. At least listen before mounting the “resistance.”

Trump is reaching out to Democrats far more than President Obama ever did with the Republicans.

Howard Wallach, Miami

Woof. This letter just floored me. I would like to meet this guy. He even uses Trump's tag line. That was pretty funny.

Barring a "Clockwork Orange" therapy...there is just no hope of changing minds anymore. Remember when you thought this was extreme in "A Clockwork Orange"...

Stanley Kubrick's film of a 1962 Anthony Burgess novel - Aversion Therapy

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Anonymous said...

Give Trump credit for a few things. He put an end to the Bush dynasty, at least for this generation. He went to militaristic South Carolina and told right wingers that the invasion of Iraq was a disaster. He squashed Marco. AND EVEN NOW, AS REPUBLICANS TRY TO DISMANTLE THE ACA, HE HAS SHIFTED THE ENTIRE ISSUE. BECAUSE OF TRUMP, EVEN Republicans NOW SEEM TO ACCEPT THAT EVERY AMERICAN SHOULD HAVE ACCESS TO DECENT HEALTHCARE. You have to give him credit for that. Trump has called on Europe to pay its' fair share for military defense, he seems to be reasserting American dominance in the world which makes for a safer world. Border controls are overdue, our wealth is not endless, we are struggling to take care of those already here. As for the economy, like Richard Gephard, a Democrat, Trump is a protectionist, not a globalist. We may already be seeing some benefits. His reference to uncontrolled urban crime, were he to follow through on it, might well deprive Democrats of their primary voting bloc. Do you find the death toll in Chicago acceptable? As for the negatives, they are massive, but nobody has a monopoly on hate. Mr. Wallach may be a partisan Republican hack, or just a good American, like you with a different point of view, which thankfully we can all have. Trump's assault on the environment is classic Republican, his policies will please the 1%. His dishonesty is legendary and he has surrounded himself with some of the lousiest possible folks. His Secretary of Education is a perfect example of the Republican love affair with privatization, a pitiful scheme to reduce the size of government by turning operations over to private outfits with well connected CEOs who overpay themselves massively while gutting the services they are supposed to provide. Florida has been lost ever since the Republicans got a stranglehold on the legislature and most statewide offices, and just as Trump got elected, too many people just don't care enough to vote. The Democratic party at the national level nearly chose a former Nation of Islam member as its' leader, the party has become a collection of fringe interest groups.
As long as Republicans control the congress, Trump will survive his first term. As long as Democrats nominate somebody who takes $225,000 from Bank of America to give a speech, or raises their net worth to $300 million in a few short years from their political connections, Democrats cannot win. Personally, though I voted for Bill Clinton twice, and think he did a fantastic job, I am grateful he is not in the White House again. Let Michelle Obama run, or Joe Biden if he is young enough, Tim Canova should be the next candidate for governor or US Senate. But if you continue to allow the Wasserman-Schultz gang to run the party, it's loserville.