Thursday, March 02, 2017

I Asked God, He Said Write About Pudding. By Geniusofdespair

I do give a lot of thought to what I write about each day but not today. God came to me after dinner last night and said: "Write about Pudding"... and all became clear in an instant. (He also talked to me about the Alt Right but that is another post).

The Store-Bought Pudding Face-Off

The Contenders
Many of you might be wondering where Jell-O brand is. It didn't make the runoff. Swiss Miss and Hershey's waited anxiously for the taste test.

The two puddings were placed in identical bowls with identical spoons. On the bottom of each bowl is the initial of the pudding's brand name. The taste test was conducted. Thousands of people participated. But only me and the spouse count, me mostly.

And the winner of the taste test was:

Hershey's Chocolate pudding.  Congratulations Hersey's Chocolate Pudding. Full disclosure, Cadbury fans are boycotting Hershey's but I am sure none of us really care about what the British are doing and I don't think the pudding is involved anyway.

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Anonymous said...

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