Thursday, March 16, 2017

Gov. Rick Scott is silent on GOP plan to force Floridians to pay more for care ... by gimleteye

Why isn't the mainstream media drilling down on Governor Rick Scott, whose fortune was crafted out of the healthcare industry, relative to the #GOP health care disaster. Scott is one of Trump's trusted governors. It is shocking that the governor doesn't have an opinion on the Republican healthcare bill that in effect mandates Floridians pay more for health care, especially seniors who will pay through the teeth unless they are multi-millionaires.

Politico: Scott mum on GOP Obamacare replacement after CBO report

“Gov. Rick Scott, a former hospital tycoon who based part of his political career on his healthcare expertise, has made himself a frequent presence recently in Washington to lobby the president and GOP lawmakers about replacing Obamacare.

But Scott won’t publicly say much about what he thinks of the new Republican bill to change the Affordable Care Act — even as more Republicans criticize it and the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimates that the legislation could eventually cost 24 million people their health insurance and lead to Medicaid cuts as well.

When told by a reporter that the CBO report found that insurance premiums would increase by double digits under the new bill pushed by Speaker Ryan, Scott didn’t directly respond.”

AP: Florida Gov. Wants Repeal but Stays Quiet on GOP Health Plan

“Florida Gov. Rick Scott, who urged President Donald Trump to move quickly on a health care plan, is sidestepping questions on a Republican health care bill that has set off an intense reaction in Washington.

Scott would not answer specific questions on the new study by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office that estimates the GOP plan would increase the ranks of the uninsured by 14 million people next year alone, and 24 million over a decade. He is also refusing to delve into the possible impact the bill may have on Florida's Medicaid program, which relies on billions in federal aid each year.

Scott's reluctance to get into the debate over the legislation is a marked departure from just a few weeks ago where he was openly calling on Trump and Republican leaders to act.”

Stephen Bittel, chair of the Florida Democratic Party, responded, “Even before we knew the Republican plan would leave 24 million more Americans without health insurance, it was clear that this plan would be bad news for Floridians. Now that we know how disastrous Trumpcare truly would be, Rick Scott’s silence is all the more unacceptable. Why would a self-described health policy expert like Scott hide from telling his constituents what he thinks of legislation that would directly impact them? Floridians deserve answers."


Barbara Falsey said...

Floridians do deserve more -- and we deserve so much better than Scott.

Anonymous said...

It's the vote. THE VOTE!!!!! People have to register to vote, then when the time comes, vote like your life depends on it!!!!'

Anonymous said...

The problem is the VOTE. Unfortunately we (the democrats) have been a sit on your ass party when it comes to all elections but especially in the midterms. As much as I have canvassed, as much as I have ventured deep into all of the diverse neighborhoods in Miami to educate, to motivate and to energize already registered voters - the general malaise is palpable. It is a disconnect on a local civics level. The commission in MD County are deep in the pocket of the mayor with the exception of a couple. Just look at the recent immigration / sanctuary vote. It is despicable... and they call themselves democrats. They are lemmings.