Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Dirty Hair...Never My President. By Geniusofdespair

I spoke to a relative I love who is a registered Democrat. She said, I would never vote for Hillary so the only choice was Trump.

How did this dislike of Hillary evolve?

We all like to laugh at Trump's hair. It looks to me like a Cheese Doddle all puffed up. I don't feel his hair affected my vote one way or another. He just has funny looking hair. But apparently dirty hair does influence a woman's votes.

My relative said: Hillary has dirty hair (meta-message she is unclean). I thought to myself, that is a new one on me. Dirty hair. I look at my hair in the mirror and it looks like mice could be living in it. I live near the water and the hair gets big and frizzy.  But I never thought about Hillary having dirty hair and I doubt that it would have occurred to my relative if she wasn't watching Fox news all day. I decided to google "Hillary Dirty Hair" to see where this notion started from.

Apparently not only is Hillary's hair unwashed but she smells too and has fat ankles. Granted I hated her pastel pantsuits but: That would not be a reason to vote or not to vote for someone.

From the dirty hair speech. Tried to cover up grey but that is all I see. But I did see a lot of photoshopped versions of this photo, and her hair did look more stringy.

So they USED WOMEN'S VANITY to attack their own. I stood next to Hillary Clinton in the hot sun in Bayfront Park. She really wasn't smelly. I promise you. Women: You were manipulated and you fell for it. There is far too much brain washing going on and plenty of hair washing too. As Donald Trump would say: Sad. As I would say: Dumb, letting men manipulate your thought with buzz words.

My mother died by a surgeon's hand and he said, attempting to lighten the moment of the death announcement: "I was having a bad hair day". And we are so brutal we don't allow a woman one?

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