Monday, March 20, 2017

City of Miami Election is November 7th. By Geniusofdespair

Really, Bruno Barreiro's wife or a warmed over Mayor for District 3 in the City of Miami?

Qualifying for this election isn't over till September 23rd but there are already people registered to run.

For Mayor so far, we have Robert Ingram Burke, Christian Canache, Francis X. Suarez.

For District 3 - Frank Carollo is termed out - we have Zoraida Barreiro ($66,165), Alex Dominguez ($4,650), Olidia Lee Hernandez ($1,000), Alfonso M. Leon ($37,125), Miguel C. Soliman ($27,530), Daniel Suarez ($55) and Joe Carollo ($64,150).

For District 5 there is Keon Hardemon. He has already collected $178,734.44 as of Feb. 28th. I would like to know why his address is blocked out on the campaign reports.

There is also a PAC for a Stronger Miami ( I hope this has nothing to do with a Strong Mayor, if it does, don't vote for it, we learned our lesson with the County on this one).  Jose Riesco is the Treasurer. Miguel Del Rivero is the Registered Agent. I don't see any money yet.

Joe Carollo counts as his donors, Kendall Coffey, Jacob Sopher who gave $4,000 if you include the corporations (the parking lot Sopher) and $5,000 from Century -- again many corporations, and Braman appears to be backing him big $8,000. Joe Carollo is rumored to have helped Carlos Gimenez in his Mayoral campaign.

Zoraida Barreiro has Juan Mayol, Miguel DeGrandy, Lasarte Law Firm, M& J Development and its Corporations $5,000, Jeffrey Berkowitz and Corps. $5,000 among others.  Zoraida is Bruno's wife. OMG. Really.

Miguel C. Soliman got $10,000 from Adonel Concrete (Luis Garcia).

This District 3 will be a hard choice.

Former Mayor Joe Carollo was fired as Doral City Manager in  a heated display. He now wants to run for his brother's seat on the City Commission.

In District 4 there is Tony J. Diaz, Manolo E. Reyes, and Ralph Rosado. That is for 2019. Although if Frances Suarez has to resign to run, it would be in 2017. I like Ralph.


Anonymous said...

Keon's vital's

Anonymous said...

Vote for the Humanization of Miami! Christian Canache

Anonymous said...

Ralph is the best...his work has always been citizen centered... He is possibly a little too humble, but hopefully he surrounds himself with good people who could help boast on his behalf...

Anonymous said...

Go Ralph... He should get love from Dems, Republicans, and Independents... He and his wife are such good people... I hope they stay that way after the election. He is definitely one of the smarter guys in Miami... I think he went to an ivy league institution? I can't remember.. He is so humble that I do not think it is something he talks much about. I took his class at FIU. He really loves this city...

Geniusofdespair said...

sorry we don't take kindly to that other blog.