Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Why is this guy Juan Cuba heading the Miami Dade Democratic Party? By Geniusofdespair

Written by the new and improved Alt Right Geniusofdespair
If you can't fight them - join them. I can't be a voice of reason for 4 years so I have become the voice of alternate facts.

Juan Cuba head of the Miami Dade County Democratic Party

Look at this guy, he is very clearly Hispanic and not in a good way, he is bigly Hispanic. You can't even see his pupils, his eyes are so black. He doesn't look like us. Does he have a green card? I would pick him up and check his status. I doubt he is a citizen, he probably votes and shouldn't. What is this world coming to when we can't even find a white guy to represent our party. As you can see I have been reading so much Alt Right crap I have become one of them. It is glorious to dump on Hispanics that dump on each other (Steve Bovo). I am loving looking up to Steve Bannon as my leader. I have gone over to the dark side and it feels good. I just can't fight it any longer. I feel as free as an Eagle...crushed under a gestapo boot but that isn't my point.

Get a grip Juan Cuba, you have a bad last name and you look too Hispanic. I need my grass cut.

No wonder they dragged him out of County Commission chambers what could he possibly say that anyone would want to hear. He even wrote a letter to the Miami Herald, what gall after not following Steve Bovo's orders:

On Tuesday, the Miami-Dade Commission censored our speech during public comment.

Several dozen community members came to speak on items 11A12 and 11A13, which deal with the way our government criminalizes poor people and young people. We spoke specifically about how undocumented immigrants are affected by these resolutions, especially in context of the climate of fear created by President Trump’s executive order and Mayor Carlos Gimenez’s unilateral policy reversal of a 2013 commission policy.

Commission Chair Esteban Bovo Jr. bullied community members and undocumented activists, turning their microphones off and throwing people out.

When I called him out for his unconstitutional restrictions on our speech, and encouraged the commission to stand with the community against the climate of fear created by Trump and Gimenez, he threw me out, too.

In the first week under the Gimenez policy, the Miami Herald reported that 11 people have been detained, many for minor offenses, and in process of deportation.

The commission wants us to wait another 10 days to discuss Gimenez’s policy reversal. How many more will be detained and deported during this time?

Juan Cuba, chair, Miami-Dade Democratic Party, Miami

Get over it Juan, go back to your country before you are deported and leave us White folk in peace. I will address OTHER unwanted groups tomorrow. By the way, here is how you should look:


Unknown said...

We need someone to run against Ros-Letinen. Did he get here on a raft? That would help at election time.

Anonymous said...

I love Juan he would get a kick out of white Juan.

Anonymous said...

Hysterical but you do point out what others are thinking about Hispanics as you move to the dark side- Bannon Groupie.

Geniusofdespair said...

We need someone to run against everybody.

Anonymous said...

Cuban Republicans in the county commission think they are better than Hispanics. They would agree Juan should be mowing lawns. There is no respect for the hard working taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

That shit is hilarious. I'm just waiting for Roseanne Barr to perform her version of Bannon.

Anonymous said...

White Juan? Lol. I hope he liked himself in comparison. Very funny.

Anonymous said...

Your tone of rage/indignation has its use but also takes your readers down the hole of human indecency. Please don't leave hem there.

Geniusofdespair said...

Rage? You are reading into this post what isn't there. I am writing from the perspective of Steve Bannon. The alt right view. Changing sides.

Gail in Wynwood said...

Human indecency? That is our president personified. HE HAS US ON THAT PATH. Not a post taking it home to Miami.