Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Miami Dade County Commission Dominated by a Half Wit, a Poison Pill, a Trump Wannabe Mayor and a very Confused Democrat - Sally Heyman. By Geniusofdespair

There is one vote you can always count on to be wrong, that of County Commissioner Javier Souto. He is the Half wit that makes no sense when he speaks, but speak he does and no one listens. Even the other Commissioners don't listen to him, and the Chair always shuts him down mid-sentence.  Yet, he gets reelected. It is baffling to me. The problem with him is: he is always there to vote. Here is a video of him ranting....

Then we have the poison pill that X-County Commissioner Juan Zapata doomed us with. By announcing he was no longer a candidate until after qualifying was over, he assured the really sneaky Joe Martinez a win. I was so glad we were rid of him but now that he is back we have reverted back to the old evil County Commission. He is like a poison pill that taints the whole process. And we will have 8 years of Martinez because of Juan Zapata.

To top off a dysfunctional County Government we have a not very bright, bully Mayor (Sound familiar on the Federal level?) with a mouthpiece that puppets him along....Michael A. Hernandez: The Mayor's KellyAnne Conway.

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Because of Democrat Sally Heyman's faux pas (she didn't have to add a resolution to the discussion Friday) and the Mayor, the Camel's nose is not just under the tent because of Friday's vote: THE CAMEL IS IN THE TENT ON IMMIGRATION. New rules including more classes of immigrants who can be picked up have been instituted this week by Republican darling and BFF of Mayor Gimenez, Donald J. Trump. Like, we all knew that was coming.  Gimenez had to know they were coming, the mayor's son is working with Trump as his lobbyist.  Please read my previous blog.

So let's round up all those pesky immigrants -- we are not a sanctuary county thanks to the majority of the county commission (mainly Cubans). The only exceptions to the lethal vote for undocumented immigrants: Xavier Suarez, Jean Monestime and Daniella Levine Cava.

Now two of our State Representatives came out vocally against this weeks rules on rounding up more immigrants. Finally they are vocal: Miami Republicans Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Rep. Carlos Curbello. Where were they last week when we were at the county commission?

My biggest disappointments on the County Commission: Dennis Moss and Rebeca Sosa.

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