Monday, February 13, 2017

From the Trump Carnage Daily

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The Trump Carnage Daily
Trump handling North Korea crisis in Mar-A-Largo dining room 2/11/17
Trump promised to stick up for the working class, but his key economic appointments stand to massively benefit from the Trump tax cut plan -- the Reagan relic and discredited "trick-down economics".

Accordingly, the greatest benefit to job creation and working class Americans is through tax relief to corporations, shareholders and highest wage earners. Trump tax policy will particularly benefit WH insiders from Goldman Sachs. In addition to Stephen T. Mnuchin, Trump nominee to be Treasury Secretary, other GS alumni include Steve Bannon, Gary Cohn, former GS president, and possibly Jim Donovan, under consideration to be number 2 in the Treasury Department. Mnuchin's statement for the record: "There will be no absolute tax cut for the rich."

At Mar-A-Largo on Saturday night, Trump handled his first foreign policy crisis in the company of his wife and Japanese prime minister Abe in the dining room, in full view, with aides shuttling information on the North Korea ballistic missile test, and music from an adjacent wedding party filtering through the gawking diners. In a photo taken at the time, Trump appeared to relish the chaos.

Christopher Ruddy, Trump close friend and CEO of NewsMax, who told the NY Times that Trump is "rebranding America" says that the chaotic start to the WH is primarily the responsibility of Reince Priebus. Ruddy described Trump chief of staff as being "in way over his head". On weekend news shows, Stephen Miller -- senior White House policy analyst -- adopted a shrill, harsh tone as he doubled-down on Trump's assertion of widespread and "massive" voter fraud in New Hampshire without offering any evidence. None.


Anonymous said...

Republicans know they know nothing about running the country. They have a responsibility to the country to put an experienced person in there to train them and run the the country. Fumbley jumbley won't make it as the US is a huge ship. There is too much at stake.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or isn't adviser Stephen Miller with his statement about Trump's authority "not to be questioned" a dead ringer for Josef Goebels? That would be the last piece missing on this fascists administration.

Anonymous said...

Jealous lefties!

Anonymous said...

Trump always knows where to find the camera lens.