Friday, February 10, 2017

Buy Ivanka. by ALT RIGHT Geniusofdespair

As I have said, if you can't fight them - join them. I can't be a voice of reason for 4 years so I have become the voice of alternate facts and the Alt Right (Bannon's territory).

Oh come on, just buy Trumps jewelry line. Kellyanne got a raw deal for hawking the jewelry line on Fox News.  While you are it buy Melania Trump Jewelry. Do these two gals look alike or what?

Melania Trump is suing an English rag for saying her modeling agency was also an escort service because it is ruining her "brand" and will cost her millions.  We want all our first ladies to have a "brand." We think Melania should make all she can off the President's office.

Every day I am more impressed by the Trump family. Donald Trump was so right when he said that he can do no wrong --- He said his votes would not decline even if he shot someone in the middle of a crowded street. And that appears to be right. Alt Right. Actually my Alt Right heroes are calling the cancelling of the Trump Jewelry line "Jewish Vengeance". We all know if you own a store you are automatically Jewish. My alt right people are also blaming the Jews for the immigration problem:
The key part of the term “illegal immigrant” is “illegal.” These people are all criminals, just by virtue of being here. There is already ample legal justification for kicking all these Beaners out, and there always was.

The only reason it wasn’t done on a large scale is because the Jew liberal bureaucracy was hamstringing the immigration official’s ability to do their job and enforce existing laws.

This is the new paradigm.

Come to the country illegally? You get deported.

Protest against deportations? You get deported.

Look on the bright side, Beaners. Since you’re not citizens, you won’t get to enjoy the new “firing squad” based justice system we’re setting up at the moment.

Oh, harsh. We, who is the we?

Beaners? I see a new jewelry design for the Trump girls: a bracelet with bean shaped links, bean earrings, nice.

I believe Kellyanne Conway will be the first one booted from the Staff.


Anonymous said...

The problem is the Trump supporters have no disposable income to throw away on her junk. With their ACA being destroyed, they have to save every penny to save their lives.

Anonymous said...

There is so much hate within the ranks of Trump supporters but it boils down to whomever doesn't look like me.

Anonymous said...

Kellyanne. She's so beautiful. I want to write a song about how perfect she is.

Anonymous said...

last anon, the SNL spoof Conway is pretty good. look it up if you haven't seen it.

Anonymous said...

Well, tongue and cheek and all you had the audacity to write the word "beaners" a couple of times. Now let's see if you have the balls to write the words nigger, kike or hymie, greaser, red neck or honkie because to many people who read your blog the word "beaners" is just as offensive.

Geniusofdespair said...

I WAS QUOTING SOMEONE ELSE, YOU MORON... look up the word satire while you are at it.

Geniusofdespair said...

If people don't get by my posts how deeply I am appalled by the racism and xenophobia that the alt right is spewing under their noses I just don't know what to write anymore.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of irony

"There is so much hate within the ranks of Trump supporters but it boils down to whomever doesn't look (think) like me."

Posted in the comment section of hit piece on the Trump women and their supporters by an "enlightened" Trump-is-not-my-president blogger.

Anonymous said...

Please don't give up on us, we have to have a dose of sanity to begin the day and take us through it. Thanks in advance.