Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Trump Voters: Your Reality TV Show Begins Today In Congress ... by gimleteye

The results of the 2016 election have handed not just Congress, but the presidency and by extension the future of the judiciary to the least qualified individual to ever grace the White House.

Trump voters and the GOP have inherited the earth, in a different sense than depicted in the Bible.

Today, an avowed Christian conservative -- Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) -- will be confirmed by the Senate. Democrats will undoubtedly call attention to Sessions' deficits: his ties to Big Oil, a racist past, his failure to disclose relevant information to the Senate in advance of today's hearing, his denial of global warming, and more. (Recently, the Family Research Council deleted from its website an interview between Sessions and Tony Perkins, in which Sessions affirmed his denial of climate change. Click here, to listen to the interview deleted by the Family Research Council.)

Democrats will highlight Sessions deep ties to one of the nation's largest utilities, the Southern Company.

Unless some heroes emerge among Republicans, willing to use the hearing process to assert the independence of the legislative branch of government, the Democrats will not be able to stop Sessions from being confirmed.

In context of the Cabinet selections as a whole, viewers might spend a moment re-reading the connection between the Trump White House and Norman Vincent Peale, published in Politico last October. Gwenda Blair, author of a Trump biography, wrote "... I discovered when writing a book about Donald, his father, and his grandfather, if you want to understand what goes on underneath the blond comb-over, you’d do well to look back to two crucial events in the early 1950s."

It is important because in so many ways, the America that animates the Trump vision belongs to the past. Not the future. It is a past when overt racism ruled. It is a past when Texas oil controlled government. It is a past when a single wage earner could provide for a family and the reasonable hope of a middle class life.

Today's other event of note: President Barack Obama's farewell address to the nation. Obama will leave the nation on an upbeat note, urging Americans to stay involved in the political process, to stay involved in communities and to support the vision of fairness and equity for all.

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