Friday, January 27, 2017

The People Were Locked Out of Their Miami Dade County Building. By Geniusofdespair

2 videos--- (videos available on regular computer -  not phone)

The Mayor - now making policy for the County Commission -- gutting our sanctuary status, would not let protesters in to the County Commission Building.

This IS NOT A VIDEO GO TO THIS LINK TO SEE IT The people are shouting: "Let us in!"

Protesters in Frustration --- Sitting in front of Door

Locked out of County Hall Protesters hold signs to the locked doors. Inside everything was on lockdown.

Douglas Hanks of the Miami Herald wrote:

Political blowback erupted Friday against Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez for requiring local jails to detain immigrants in the country illegally at the behest of the federal government, effectively abandoning Miami-Dade’s stance as a “sanctuary” county.

Immigration advocates descended on County Hall, staging a protest — called on short notice — of more than 100 people that forced police officers to close off the lobby of the Stephen P. Clark Center in downtown Miami to keep the demonstrators out. - Snip -

The political drama reached a crescendo when U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison, a Minnesota Democrat running for Democratic National Committee chairman who happened to be in town, joined the protest and then the failed effort to enter County Hall.

“Sanctuary cities promote public safety,” Ellison told a crowd of protesters barred from going inside County Hall. “Look, Miami. You’re not alone. We believe in what you’re doing.”

Ellison then made the first of two attempts to enter the building that serves as headquarters for the largest local government in Florida.

“This is a public facility, right?” Ellison said as he approached the building's west entrance. A county security guard turned him away. Ellison walked with a band of about 20 protesters up the escalators to the southern entrance, but they were blocked by a metal security fence used to shutter the lobby at night.

County police stood silently on the other side as the congressman addressed them.

“You work for the people of Miami-Dade County,” Ellison told police officers guarding the gate. “Not the federal government.”

Citizens Charter? shove it up Gimenez's ass as he can't read or understand it. Here is what it says in the first line:

This government has been created to protect the governed, not the governing. In order to provide the public with full and accurate information, to promote efficient administrative management, to make government more accountable, and to insure to all persons fair and equitable treatment...

Mayor Gimenez, you are the governing. We, outside, are the governed. The spineless Marco Rubio supports Mayor Carlos Gimenez on the gutting of Sanctuary for Miami Dade County people.


Anonymous said...

Deport Gimenez

Anonymous said...

The Tangerine Twittler inspires his corrupt right wing thug and acolyte C. Gimenez (Batista) to use Nazi tactics. The entire GOP should rot in hell-- the sooner the better

Anonymous said...

You're protest was design to disrupt the government process so I am confused, you are asking the government to protect you so you can disrupt the government?

Setting aside the protest area OUTSIDE is a long standing tradition at county hall for everyone from county unions protesting contact talks to the tin hat crazies protesting what ever tin hat crazies protest.

And FYI you're lucky, clearly you're blocking the doorway, that usually gets you a free ride in a green and white. .

But hey, have at it, I'm sure the Mayor is listening but ICYMI the mayor has termed out and could give a rat's ass what people say. .

Anonymous said...

The protest was formed to go to Gimenez's office. Who asked for protection?

Anonymous said...

the blog's author quotes the charter

"This government has been created to protect the governed, not the governing"

the implications being these protesters should be able to set up shop anywhere in the building they choose.

BTW have you ever been in Gimenez's office? and you think he was going to let in all these crazies without an appointment? It was a fools errand from the get go and they got exactly what they were really after, some sympathetic coverage from the left leaning press.

Unknown said...

Anymore action this weekend on this? I couldn't make it yesterday and really want to lend my voice. Where does Gimenez live? Perhaps we can disrupt his life the way he plans to disrupt the lives of our fellow Miamians.

Geniusofdespair said...

You called the protesters crazy? I think you have a lot to learn, further you are definitely from Gimenez's office.

Geniusofdespair said...

He sees lobbyists without an appointment.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had seen this much of an uproar from our community and the Miami Herald in 2012 when Gimenez was elected in after his campaign manager committed absentee ballot fraud. Now he is termed out and he cares little about what anyone thinks. To all those who voted for him you reap what you sow.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Absentee Ballot fraud guy. He will care if he can't finish his last term by being recalled.

Anonymous said...

Ok Mr. Recall, put your money where your mouth is. Start the recall process and I will sign the form.