Monday, January 09, 2017

The Everglades Coalition Meeting In Pictures: 2017 Sanibel. By Geniusofdespair

Do I believe that Senator Nelson's plane had engine trouble? No. But a lot of other people showed up including me. I thought the mood somber but it was great to see old friends and glare at enemies. Mary Barley always looks great so did Eric Draper but he is such a creep. Mary I like. Should have gotten a photo of her, never mind will get one off of google images.
Mary Barley The Everglades Foundation and Everglades Trust Boards
I thought the conference went well. I did pay attention. I had an interesting conversation with distinguished Scientist Larry Brand. So many scientists, so little time.  Some people made large circles of avoidance around me, some were kind.

Larry Brand says: "I am interested in the amount of genetic variability and differentiation that exists within and among populations of a species of algae, and the extent to which it allows species to adapt genetically to varying environmental conditions, thus influencing its ecological niche." ...uhh Me too Larry!

Dr. Bill Causey NOAA Office of National Marine Sanctuaries - Coral Guru.We are all fond of Bill, a stellar fella.
Panel: Save the Species and Save the System. -- Snail kites, Cape Sable Seaside Sparrows etc. Dr. Paul Gray, Dr. Reed Noss, Dr. Hilary Swain, Larry Williams and Shannon Estenoz (Not in order)
Margaret Goodro Biscayne National Park Superintendent as of August. Nice Lady!

Last Panel of the conference lead by Cris Costello of the Sierra Club.

Homestead marketing itself as the gateway to the National Parks. Finally they are doing something for the Environment. Zackery Good from Homestead was great at promotion. Love his jacket.

A little R & R after a rough day of panel discussions. Shannon Estenoz, George Carvos and Richard Grosso. Don't know the last guy.
Martha Musgrove - I just put her picture in because she is such a spectacular woman. Martha retired from the Editorial Board of the Miami Herald and has continued on as an environmentalist.

David Guest of EarthJustice was inducted into the Everglades Coalition Hall of Fame. Give EarthJustice money they are fighting the good fight on Amendment 1.
Attorney Alisa Coe from Earth Justice. Met her - Great gal.

Another Earthjustice attorney now based in Miami: Tania Galloni. Loved her too.
What a surprise to see Steve Shelley again. He is a Councilman from Homestead. Like him a lot.
River Warrior and Head of Indian Riverkeepers Marty Baum. Gayle Ryan from the group received the John V. Kabler Grassroots Organizing Award.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the photos good to put faces on names.

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Where is a photo of Draper?

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Nice to see some of the good guys.

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All, endangered species.