Monday, January 30, 2017

Ratepayers handing over to FPL hundreds of millions of dollars for Turkey Point Unit 6 & 7 reactors that cannot be built ... by gimleteye

Over the weekend, Japan Times reported, "Toshiba Corp. will cease taking orders related to the building of nuclear power stations, sources said Saturday, in a move that would effectively mark its withdrawal from the nuclear plant construction business." The Westinghouse Nuclear Power unit of Toshiba designs and builds the AP1000 reactors. FPL has spent hundreds of millions of ratepayer dollars in planning AP1000 reactors to add to controversial reactors already in place at Turkey Point in Homestead, FL.

The Florida Public Service Commission should immediately convene a special hearing to reconsider the early cost recovery on new nuclear reactors.


David said...

They'll just go after another design.

Anonymous said...


It's not as easy as switching from Chevy to Ford. FPL has spent the better part of 10 years trying to get the AP1000 system certified by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

You can just switch.

Besides, FPL already said they were delaying progress for another 3 years, but we get to keep paying.