Sunday, January 15, 2017

Trump's Biggest Blunder Ever: Attacking John Lewis. By Geniusofdespair

John Lewis and Martin Luther King
 Does Donald even know who he is messing with on Twitter? And on Martin Luther King's Birthday. He is so stupid it is mind boggling. Lewis is a hero and civil rights Icon.
Martin Luther King and John Lewis
Martin Luther King, John Lewis, President Kennedy on Right

This attack on Lewis is going to be big trouble for the Tweeter in Chief. In fact, Trump has mischaracterized Lewis's district.

And, Trump hasn't stopped with the twitter crap. That is the crazy part, he knows he is a God of Civil Rights...and he keeps going.


Anonymous said...

The only justification I can see for Trump's candidacy and his eventual rise to the White House is the expectation of a severe calamity from the standpoint of the wealthy and ruling class requiring a strongman dictator in charge who would do anything and everything to preserve the power structure.

Anonymous said...

His team has never told him that "No comment" is an acceptable answer for many things. Unfortunately he feels he must address everything that happens, and everything that other people say about him. If he continues in this vain, as leader of the free world, everyone with a tongue will have something to say about him. Most of it very negative. He won't have time to run the nation, if he has to address all these billions of negative comments about him.

The thing I am most concerned with now is continuity of government. He has told all the embassy people to leave on Inauguration Day. There may not be any replacements for months. Same thing with our nuclear arsenal, no replacements there, so no one will be in charge. I am concerned about authorizations, and checks to vendors, and people, like social security checks.

Anonymous said...

I'm not concerned at all.

If a break down of gov order is what it will take for the ignorant US masses to learn a basic civic lesson, then so be it.

It's about time, the nation suffers it's own stupidity. Nice talk up to now has not had any effect. Nor appears, reasonable discourse to work.

Anonymous said...

ironic john lewis is all in favor of elections when they involved gerrymandering districts so an old black civil rights leader can hold a seat in congress but when an old rich white guy works the system to his advantage ,it's rigged?

Sorry, that's the pot calling the kettle black, pardon the pun.

Anonymous said...

You let checks stop coming because Mr Stupid did not have sense enough to keep people on until replacements were found!!!!!! The federal government is the biggest spender in the world. All state and local governments, people with federal contracts, vendors, hospitals and the healthcare industry, all school boards, all colleges and universities, not-for profits, social security checks, veteran checks, payrolls for govt. workers and the military - all look for regular uninterrupted checks from the federal government. All hell will break loose!!!!