Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Grand Jury Investigation Of Trump Now ... by gimleteye

There is no mincing words: Donald Trump is damaged, and the United States never had damaged like this in the White House.

No Rose Mary Woods erasing magnetic tape, here. No Roy Cohn's in the shadows. Nor is it factually established Donald Trump traded sex with girls in Moscow and sold his soul to Russia (worst deal in history!), but it is clear that if Trump is sworn into the office of the president, no act of his administration with respect to foreign policy can be trusted.

Inevitably, the truth about Trump and Russia will come out -- whether released by Russia or by an intelligence agency that cannot abide a destabilized United States. Will the truth about Trump come out before or after he damages the national interest? One could argue, whatever the outcome, Donald Trump already damaged the national interest.

Now it is clear that the mainstream media and the American public missed the critical importance of published reports before the election of secret interactions between Trump surrogates and Russia. Moreover, it is now clear that FBI Director Comey's choice to reveal about Hillary Clinton emails while holding back from disclosing on Trump was astounding.

Today, even US intelligence agencies are positioned -- like J. Edgar Hoover's FBI -- to blackmail Trump.

A grand jury investigation should be called before Trump is inaugurated because after inauguration, Trump will claim executive privilege. So it is either a grand jury now, or, the massive overhang of impeachment hearings from Trump's first day in office.

The inauguration of the next president of the United States should be postponed, and the executive branch placed under caretaker supervision by Congress.


Anonymous said...

At least we won't have to look far or wide to find the mole in the Executive

Anonymous said...

If this had been Obama, imagine how the right wing would have dismantled him and DC. The hypocrisy is out of this world. Not to mention, the GOP has ALWAYS been the fiercest critic of communist Russia. Now, silent night. And what about the Christian conservatives: are they ok w/ their president having sex in Russia with hookers?

Anonymous said...

unbelievable politicians aren't calling for his head. they don't represent the people or what is good for America. Drain the swamp for real. Overturn Citizens United, more term limits, find a way to reduce partisan politics. Country before party you a-holes.

Anonymous said...

the only good thing about this election debacle is the fact that now any dunce can see how this country is ultimately run, if one cares to open ones eyes.

I'm beginning to slowly appreciate the stance of some of my friends, who gleefully voted for Dump, the monkey wrench. Because, as is all clear by now, both party's are sorry excuses for representing the interests of the US people.

Anonymous said...

I saw an interesting TV program last night about Putin's hit on a newspaper woman who was writing stories against him. Not only was she murdered, but two Russian millionaires who were exiled in other countries who were helping her on another story were also killed.

Maybe Trump does not really understand that Putin is a cold-blooded killer, a brutal dictator who cares nothing for other human beings. He is not anyone we want to be allied with.