Friday, January 20, 2017

A Message To Trump From Climate Scientists

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Anonymous said...

"Every major world religion has this idea about earth steward ship"

Well yea, except do we wand to live according to some religious law?
Is it not part of thee reason we are engaged in a endless war since 9-11?
Or the rabbit right try's to impose on us there religious conviction?

The problem is unfettered crony capitalism, built on and necessitating growth. Growth as in antisocial cancer.

Will never make environmental progress without addressing our economic system. Those of you that travel to society's with an effort in the environmental direction, know how backwards the US is, even as those society's still fall way short of what is ultimately needed.

Sadly, or may be unintentionally, the present grunt oxen leader may hasten the day when the whole situation comes to a head.