Thursday, December 29, 2016

What is Miami? Don't worry ... by gimleteye

My antennae straightened when Forbes recently noted a report by CareerBliss, a website I'd never heard of, that Miami is the number #1 happiest place to work in the United States. Really?

Then another survey came out by another website I had never heard of, WalletHub, ranking Miami about last in a ranking of America's 100 "most caring" metropolises.

How can a city both be the happiest place to work and the least caring to live?

According to WalletHub, of the 100 largest metro areas, the Magic City came in 93rd. New Times helped crestfallen Miamians, "In case you suspect the suburbs of Dade County are a bit more charitable, they're not: Hialeah came in 92nd."

Don't worry, there is sure to be a list that appeals to your sense of what is right in the world. If you work for the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, high fives for Miami, the happiest place to work. If you work for Sierra Club it goes without saying: Miami is the most uncaring place in the United States or it wouldn't trash the Everglades and Biscayne Bay. (But then the United States is steward of its national parks, which encompass the Everglades and Biscayne Bay. Does this make the United States the most uncaring nation in the United States? Maybe we should just do away with the United States, then it wouldn't matter if we are uncaring or not because no one would be measuring. Wait, isn't happening now?)

New Times helpfully notes, "Miamians' basic indifference to the welfare of their neighbors is an obvious fact to anyone who has survived rush hour on the Palmetto or a scrum for street parking in South Beach."

Check, that. But I need to know more.

So I jumped onto CareerBliss' website. Its recent reports include; Top 5 Best Tips on Salary Negotiation, 13 Personality Traits of a Disengaged Professional [Infographic], How to be More Positive at Work, 3 Current Social Media Trends to Leverage in Your Job Search.

CareerBliss, founded in 2008, is an online career community designed to help you find happiness in the workplace and your career. Put simply, we are an information hub for everyone in the workforce - direct employers, job seekers, and recruiters. CareerBliss started out with the goal of empowering you, the connected professional, by supplying comprehensive data and intuitive research tools that will help you succeed in your career. We help our members achieve bliss at work through our national job board with 3.5 million job listings, 4 million salary comparisons, and millions of real company reviews written by real employees – people just like you. If you’re comparing careers, our intuitive interface offers multiple user-generated data points such as job satisfaction, pay-scale and overall employee happiness, known as the "Bliss-Score," that will help you decide whether that great-looking job will be worth taking – or if you should stay well away... Our motto is "Choose Happy!" and we intend on sharing this wisdom with anyone dedicated to improving their overall career. Come find your path and "Choose Happy" with CareerBliss today.

I get it. Miami is the happiest place to work if you surrender yourself like Joaquin Pheonix's character in the Spike Jonze movie, Her, where he falls in love with a disembodied Siri-like computer helper. "If you follow my command prompts or surrender your computer to my control, you will be happy wherever I am."

So who arbitrated the decision to place Miami at the near bottom of 100 most caring places in the United States?

WalletHub's website reports, "WalletHub is the first-ever website to offer free credit scores and full credit reports that are updated on a daily basis. But we consider that just an appetizer, as we’ve built the brain of an artificially intelligent financial advisor that will truly leave your wallet full."

Got it! Dueling virtual reality assessments on Miami, a virtual city build on sand with lax attitudes toward caring, which might be good or might be bad depending on your tolerance for worry.

"Don't worry".

As 2017 looms around the corner, here is some advice for that. Miami, breathe in and out to the count of ten. Each inhale and exhale counts as a number, from one to ten. Only hold that number in your mind. Release all other thoughts. When you get to ten, continue but count backwards to one.

Don't worry, Miami: this you can do.

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Alexandria said...

As a child Miami was paradise.But the seven dead-lies came from New York and several other corrupt areas Chicago etc. Skyscrapers on the beach instead of the 1 and 2 story mom and pop hotels. Blowing our so called sanitary treated sewage out into the pristine reefs then coming back on our beaches. Sadly even the Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act of 1972 could not save Miami. FPL Building a Nuclear power plant knowing the waste would eventually destroy every living thing. Aerojet, Inter-rama, & Disney causing pollution and salt water intrusion. Most do not know the history. They do not care what they leave behind. The scammers, carpetbaggers, and greedy developers get away with their crimes because of apathy, stupidity, and plain old selfishness. I'm glad I lived and saw the beauty that once existed.