Thursday, December 08, 2016

Un-Break my Heart: The loss of civility and respect in the United States. By Geniusofdespair

Again I turn to song for my quote today (a song I don't even like). Un-Break my Heart.

I am not coping well here in beautiful Miami. I will never pair the proper name with the word President. Tweeter in Chief is all I can muster.

I have TV news and commentary off. Glimpsing heartbreaking headlines in the newspaper, putting band aids on my wounded heart, like joining the ACLU.

Helpless, but at least not in denial like most moderate Republicans who say: "We have to wait and see".  I have seen his picks, from the Vice President on down, that is enough. I have seen his actions during the past year, all decorum shot to hell. We will be led by a blowhard. The guy we all hated in high school: the bully.  I don't want his face next to Presidents Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. I just don't.

What happened to my country? Bush was just a hapless, do-nothing that let advisors rule. Tweeter in Chief on the other hand...he is dangerous.


Anonymous said...

Cry me a River is my song of late.

Anonymous said...

I can't get no satisfaction...I try and I try.

Anonymous said...

too bad...,this going to be a tough 4 years for you. On the up side 99% of the media is totally on board with the sky-is-falling story line and misery does love company.

But I do remember this how I felt in '77 when we elected a peanut farmer and again in '81 with some old B list Hollywood actor and yet here I am 40 years later and the sun still comes up every morning on my house.

Point is, I've mellow with age. I am gonna take it one day at a time until I see those big blue chucks of sky you're promising laying in my driveway.

Anonymous said...

Still waiting to see if there is any individual of Hispanic heritage left in this country worthy of an important cabinet post in King Donald's court. I have a feeling there may be one when he gets down to a cook job at a federal government cafeteria or something of that nature. All along, we have grown up in this beautiful country to think it is all inclusive and you should be judged by your actions, experience and intelligence. Now we have a blue blooded SOB who lies about the lie he told a minute ago as president elect and selects people based on melanin level. Worst part about it is the media seems to accept it as fact and does not raise an eyebrow. That sickening mindset will eventually work its way down the federal, state and civil employment ladder. Make America Great! with Hispanics washing dishes and blacks shining shoes! That is the mindset of King Donald.

Geniusofdespair said...

I am not promising you anything. What is wrong is that you are not reading and interpreting what I wrote. It was a personal perspective. How many times did I write the word I? Did I say anything about your future? Take those chunks of sky and attribute them to someone else. My personal experience with the election belongs to me.

Anonymous said...

respect for Nazis and crazies? F 'em all!!

Anonymous said... wide Depression
1940s...World War and msas genocide
1950s....segregated society
1960s...KKK lynchings with no prosecutions
1960s-1970s...asian war created under false pretenses and assassination of our political leaders (JFK, RFK, MLK)
1980s...Reagan on HIV, 'it's 'God's will' punishment for their sins let them die (no money for research)...
OK, TODAY, these are bad times. BAD about to get worse.
But some perspective is needed, always.

David said...

It is clear that optimism is on the menu just from listening to the wailing and gnashing of teeth coming from the left. It turns out the Republican Party wasn't poised on the brink of destruction, it was the Democratic Party that was in utter chaos. It's hard to believe a criminal so prolific as Billary was even allowed on the ticket; but that's what you get when you go left. Contrast the President-elect's thank you tour with the people versus Billary's thank you dinner in one of the poshest ballrooms in NYC for all the people, bundlers and corporate sponsors who rendered her campaign flush with cash; all for naught.

Anonymous said...

Trump supporters stick together in uppity anger being pissed off for any dissent. They won't veer from their righteousness and are generally a-okay with shit happening to the "others."

Anonymous said...

But what happens when it happens to them? It is like seeing your family members or friends running headlong over the cliff and you have done everything you could do to save them, but they are bullheaded and desire to go over the cliff in hopes that itheir going over the cliff might somehow hurt you. It is crazy.

It is important now that you get your house in order, and get ready ready for the storm. And that is psychologically, financially, physically, and spiritually. Freedom is not free.

We have to let it go, and get ready for the fight. We need a good offensive and defensive game. We have to be ready for the midterm elections. On another front, the campaign revealed many weaknesses, and there are huge capacities for trap-setting. He will be confronted in every interest area by a wide variety of traps. Ego-manipulation techniques will be used extensively. Self-created impeachment possibilities hover all around him. He knows nothing about running government or governing people, and has very poor human relations skills.. He has many generals in civilian roles and does not realize they are and cognitively operate as mini-kings. So, there will be much internal friction.

Now, no more of this crying. Let's get to work!

Anonymous said...

NMP has very poor human relations skills but on the flip side, people overlay what they want to see on this celebrity. What I hear equates to a lie every few sentences, are acceptable and defended by followers. For ex. The Carrier A/C deal sucked. It made no sense and
Was a $7 million bribe for less than half of jobs still being shipped abroad. It's a losers deal. It reeks of corporate welfare.
Doesn't matter - NMP massages the message and it's his entertaining circus.

Anonymous said...

The good news is the lying media is dead. What was it the fake polls, the KKK, the Nazis, the Russians or just the most duplicitous liar in the history of the democrat party?
Julian Assange, Kim Dotcom, James O'Keefe and Edward Snowden took the MSM apart.
The bad news is the liberals will get eight years of DJT, he will have Bill Pulte and Dr. Carson restoring order to inner cities, long promised but Trump will make it happen.

Look at this racist story the MSM did not cover. Nine years ago a homeless woman snuck into Trump Tower and took over a room, the building managers wanted her out, Trump got involved, told her she could stay, gave her three meals a day. But the MSM tells you he is racist. That's why the media is so screwed, not honest.

Anonymous said...

On the contrary, they have been telling the truth. We see and hear and make judgements on our own. The problem is so many people who are brainwashed drones who when confronted with the truth cannot process it.

Anonymous said...

Watching Trump supporters defend the president elect makes you shake your head. The moment you criticize any of his cabinet selections they go into an all out rant that is usually preceded by statements such as "the liberal media" or an anti-Obama epithet. Seems as though they can't move beyond the fact that they won and that Obama and Hillary are now figures of the past. You watch these so called Trump "thank you" rallies and it seems as though the participants are there to avenge "what has been done to them for the past eight years". Their level of adulation is also reminiscent of those German crowds filmed in black in white not long ago raising their arm in salute of the coming messiah. Of course, they dress up their support for Trump as "the loss of jobs and values" but we know what they mean. It is the advancement of minorities, finally able to sit at the same table, that is truly their cause for concern. Make America Great is nothing more than a call to make America white again. Excluding minorities from these cabinet picks is a sign of non inclusion and bigotry that will be met head on by those ethnicities that now feel disenfranchised by the president elect. Nothing is sacred to Trump. Not the Constitution nor the will of half of this country. Somewhere in the distance the deafening sound of drums is a warning that he will march the world into WWIII. Someday in the not too distant future those Trump supporters may come to regret their mistake in supporting a self promoting snake oil/car salesman to our highest office. By then it may all be too little too late.

Anonymous said...

"It is important now that you get your house in order, and get ready ready for the storm. And that is psychologically, financially, physically, and spiritually. Freedom is not free."

OMG the blog has been taken over by the crazy doomsday preppers! " The government has been taken over by conspirators". "We will not recognize the office of the President" "Be prepared to fight"..

and the left was worried about the basket of deplorables?

Oh well crazy is as crazy does

Charles Maurice Perigord said...

Hey I use to sell cars, please don't denigrate those that sold or sell cars. By comparing them to our "President Elect."

I didn't vote for Trump (nor Hilary) but I find it ironic that the same folks that criticized Trumps apparent lack of respect for democracy ran into the streets to protest the results of the election.

But based on the candidates, the results and the aftermath of this election all I can say is.........WELCOME TO THE THIRD WORLD...... won't need that wall because Mexicans will stop coming soon, why go through all that trouble ty end up in another 3rd world country.

Zwoman said...

America has done a very bad thing. The world will suffer the consequences.

Anonymous said...

Our democracy, our freedoms and our way of life is very fragile. Trump poses a threat to our way of life. Anyone who does not recognize that is very naive.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, seeing Rudy Gulliani getting kicked on the rear and out of the good ole boy circle is quite pleasant. At least we have a front end seat to the circus.

miaexile said...

michiko kakutani art tweets ... it has helped me g.o.d, while i try to comprehend what is happening in this country
also hoping monetary policy will start inflating another real estate bubble so i can unload my little casita , cash out my 401k , say bye to USA and get in touch with my inner hippie somewhere cheap