Sunday, December 11, 2016

Are you Black, Hispanic, Muslim, Jewish or Gay? Well I am MORE SUPERIOR THAN ALL OF YOU if I am 'Alt Right'. By Geniusofdespair

More on the Alt-Right or should I say All-White...

A lot of  CHRISTIAN American's have silently believed what I wrote in the title, but now they feel free to voice it: Cruel, stupid Americans. Even White Supremacists are now rebranding themselves:  as "Alt Right." Richard Spencer in this video is the one who coined the phrase. He said "Hail Trump" at a rally where the Nazi salute was made. The Alt Right movement even have their own news. The Unz Review.

Seattle Times:

But the alt-right movement is not monolithic, despite a well-publicized gathering last month in Washington, D.C., one that might have been mistaken for just another corporate conference were it not for the white-nationalist sentiments and the Nazi salutes. The factions within its ranks can differ on any number of subjects: white supremacy versus white nationalism, for example, or the vexing “JQ”: the Jewish Question.

Andrew Anglin, the founder of the neo-Nazi, alt-right website The Daily Stormer, described the current moment in a recent essay as “a reboot of the White Nationalist movement,” one infused with youthful energy. The foot soldiers of the movement are not old white supremacists marching under a new banner, Anglin said, but a mostly younger age generation drawn from various online cultures, including conspiracy theorists and that misogynistic stratum of the internet known as the “manosphere.”

Then came Trump, whose gambit as a presidential candidate included his promise to build a wall to keep out Mexican immigrants, whom he called rapists and criminals. The movement raised its collective head to listen.

“I’d been waiting to hear those words from a mainstream political candidate all my life,” said Gerald Martin, a retired public-school teacher from Dallas who grew up in a family that opposed desegregation.


So in November, as the country’s presidential campaign became ever more jagged, the National Socialist Movement, a leading neo-Nazi group, did away with its swastika. In its stead, the group chose a symbol from a pre-Roman alphabet that was also adopted by the Nazis.


Anonymous said...

"alt right" --sounds less evil than neo-Nazi, which is what they largely are. And their Orange Ally Twittler and grifter is one of them.

Anonymous said...

You go, girl! Hold those feet to the fire!!

Anonymous said...

It has often been said "it cannot happen here". I have always seriously doubted that statement. Underneath the thin veneer of the majority hides a deep desire to "put minorities in their place". And why not? With minorities out of the way, (according to them) the majority can progress. Its members can reclaim their so called "lost jobs", they can possess everything minority members have ever worked for and they can experience a world where only those who think and look like them are considered first class citizens. Human nature's opportunistic ways will continue to push the envelope and Trump's administration will be the vehicle to help move it along or carry it out. Given an opportunity, many of those new alternative right types would be happy to implement a final solution for those who they consider children of lesser Gods.

Anonymous said...

The video is very sad, the kids are being programmed by our society that they are bad and ugly people. Pitiful. We need to get them on the right track. They may be the answers to the survival of the human race, or they may just be called on for major lifetime contributions to humanity. Funny thing is, when babies come here, you do not know who they are.

On to the job issue. We have got to begin the discussion of the end of work as we know it. Technology is moving very fast. Computers can out think us already, and we cannot compete with them on many dimensions. They are not just dumb boxes that we tell what to do. At the cutting edge, they can now think on their own, have distinct personalities, and can solve problems. The move of jobs overseas is a temporary measure for cheap labor, say 50 cents per hour. But very soon, all the jobs will be back here and the machines (computers and robots) will be doing all the work 24/7 for 1 cent per hour. It will be a problem for the developing counties whose citizens will go from 50 cents per hour to 0, and for the Americans who still won't get the jobs because the machines will be doing all the work. How will we get money for food, housing, basic needs, quality of life items, and buy all the things the machines generate? We need to begin this discussion right away so we can reflect on various alternative strategies. The guy who is being nominated as Sec.of Labor wants to get rid of human workers in his burger joints right away, and can't wait for the machines to take over. Already businesses are planning massive layoffs as they phase-in computers and robots. Congress needs to start having hearings; colleges and universities need to begin symposiums; thinkers need to start writing books; policy groups need to begin exploring various policy alternatives, etc. It is a coming big change in our way of life.

Anonymous said...

Let there be no doubt, the seeds of a fascist government have been planted. The placement of war seeking generals, unqualified hate mongers and global warming nonbelievers in the highest spheres of government has an intended purpose. Who will you complain to when the trampling of our constitutional and civil rights become the norm of the day?

Anonymous said...

Your lefty buds over at the SPLC regularly report on hundreds of black nationalist churches like Israelite Church of God in Jesus Christ, Nation of Islam, New Black Panther Party here in Miami preach “Those whose fathers are of Negroid and Indian descent make up the 12 tribes of the nation of Israel,” the church's literature says. Its extremist leaders preach that modern-day Jews are devilish impostors and white people are evil personified, deserving of death or slavery

But they supported Hillary so they're OK? So rants and exposés about how they are the tearing away the fabric of Amerika?