Wednesday, November 16, 2016

You will not believe this - trust me - Palmetto Bay is Totally Nuts. By geniusofdespair

This is a rant left on David Zisman's Cell, by newly elected councilman and John Dubois endorser - David Singer. David Zisman was the loser in the 3 way race now scheduled for a runoff.  He decided to endorse the better candidate, Erica Watts. Apparently this did not make new Councilman David Singer happy.

Hard to believe that 6,000 people actually voted for this guy.

The new Trump mentality: anything goes. Ick.


Dear Palmetto Bay Residents,

We are about to vote on the Runoff election (November 22) for Vice Mayor. This vote will impact the direction of Palmetto Bay for years to come.

Knowing both candidates very well, I recommend Erica Watts because she is knowledgeable, capable and above all, honest.

Erica has both a Law degree and a degree in Economics, giving her a very special set of skills needed to hold the office of Vice Mayor of Palmetto Bay.

Your Councilman Elect, David Singer is endorsing John Dubois. So why is Singer endorsing Dubois? It’s easy, David Singer is a business partner of John Dubois. In fact, David Singer owes John Dubois $500,000. Yes, that’s a Half Million Dollars.

David Singer has told me, he has no option but to support Dubois because of their business relationship.

Singer has recently attacked me on facebook and by emails, solely because I have endorsed Erica Watts. Many of you have seen his outburst on Halloween Night, threatening to sue a cameraman for taking his picture. We cannot have Singer's Business partner and friend Dubois on the council with him. If you want to learn more about John Dubois, just Google him.


David Zisman


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needs a speech to text translation. couldn't understand most of it due to bleeping of curse words.

Anonymous said...

Palmetto Bay Community News has endorsed John Dubois. Miller is the papers editor. Michael Miller's daughter was married at Dubois waterfront home. Kinda makes you question the ethics of this paper doesn't it?

David Singer's owes half a million dollars to Dubois. Could this debt be the reason for Singers endorsement and is it reasonable to believe that perhaps his future votes will also be influenced by this enormous loan?

Makes me wonder why Karen Cunningham is pushing so hard to get Dubois reelected?