Saturday, November 12, 2016

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From New Yorker Magazine
"He was as surprised as anyone", Michael Kruse, Politico

Tim O'Brien: "I think we now have somebody who’s going to sit in the Oval Office who is lacking in a lot of adult restraints and in mature emotions. And America’s going to get a front-row seat to watching what that means... when the advisors need him, they’re going to find him in the Rose Garden on a pogo stick, bouncing around, watching CNN on a flat panel."

"If you voted for Trump because he’s ‘anti-establishment,’ guess what: You got conned", Paul Waldman, Washington Post

An organizational chart of Trump’s transition team shows it to be crawling with corporate lobbyists, representing such clients as Altria, Visa, Coca-Cola, General Electric, Verizon, HSBC, Pfizer, Dow Chemical, and Duke Energy. And K Street is positively salivating over all the new opportunities they’ll have to deliver goodies to their clients in the Trump era. Who could possibly have predicted such a thing? The answer is, anyone who was paying attention.

"White House Reviewing Democratic Coalition Report On Trump’s Russian Ties That FBI Ignored", Grant Stern, Huffington Post

The Dworkin Report shows that Donald Trump has incorporated almost 250 registered businesses in Russia.

"President Trump: How America Got It So Wrong", Matt Taibi, Rolling Stone

Shunned during election season by many in his own party, President-elect Trump's closest advisers are a collection of crackpots and dilettantes who will make Bush's cabinet look like the Nobel committee.

"Planet Earth is the real loser in the US elections", DeSmog Blog

"Here are a few itms from the Republican Party platform that are likely to become a reality in the new administration, from Steven Rosenfeld at Alternet:

Start repealing environmental laws: “We call for a comprehensive review of federal regulations, especially those dealing with the environment, that make it harder and more costly for Americans to rent, buy, or sell homes.”

"Why the decimated Democrats may turn left", Eric Levitz, NY Magazine

The upcoming DNC leadership election is expected to be cast as a struggle for control of the party’s future. For now, the party’s Sanders-Warren wing appears best positioned to win that civil war.


Anonymous said...

Why would anyone believe the press after this year? 65 of them dined at John Podesta's home. Completely irrelevant, social media got it right.
MSM, pollsters and pundits got it wrong. Out of touch. Yesterday, Nate Silver justified his getting it wrong, all day long. Larry Sabato got it wrong.
Turn off the nets, turn off cable news, cancel subscriptions because they are feeding us nonsense and made up stories. Believe your own eyes and ears and diversify where your news comes from, fact check, don't rely on Snopes or Politifact, proven hacks.

The riots and protests are organized by Soros, who has his nephew married to Chelsea Clinton. It's all a bad movie. On the other hand we have eight years of failure being swept away by the constant Trump fears.
Ask Bernie Sanders if he thinks the system was rigged.

Anonymous said...

How would Bill Clinton put it: It's the immigration, stupid.

Anonymous said...

one of the last great investigative reporters:

Anonymous said...

The forecasters did not get anything wrong, they are not in the business of reporting counting and suppression crime by the Gynecological Opportunistic Pervert party (GOP)

Anonymous said...

@Anon #1: only a dummy would buy the totally debunked internet BS that Soros' nephew is married to Chelsea Clinton. How pathetic!

Geniusofdespair said...

I can't read anything. I am too numb.