Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Visiting poll sites.... voting light. By Geniusofdespair

Coral Gables, a little over 120 by 2pm. The total is 196 according to the firefighters. That is a big precinct. Other smaller precincts are seeing 10 people an hour. I have seen people turned away because they are at the wrong precinct. Lutheran Church in Pinecrest had 90 by 3:30. A bit over 10 an hour.  Big accident on Old Cutler, by where Red Road meets it. It was a nightmare - the police closed the road. The line of traffic was astounding -- almost back to Coconut Grove not moving.  So I guess there won't be people able to vote South of that area. They will be too late if they don't open that road up. I tried to take a route through a neighborhood and I was standing still. I just made a U Turn. Bad news for voters.

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Anonymous said...

In Cutler Bay, voting sites have more campaign workers than voters. Centenial, which has always been the hot spot on election day, is dead. Perhaps it will pick up in the last hour.