Saturday, November 19, 2016

Miami-Dade County Voting By The Numbers in 2016 Presidential and Mayoral Election. By Geniusofdespair

Almost 1 Million people voted for President: 986,823. Now you would think that in the Senate race the numbers would be pretty similar. But, No. In the Senate race 970,909 people voted. What happened to the other 15,000 votes? Did those people only vote in one race and then make an exit? If we go down the ballot to the Mayor's race there are more surprises or just more people fell asleep after one or two votes. Remember the same amount of people -- almost a million -- should have voted in the County Mayor's race. In the Mayoral race 851,775 people voted or 135,048 less than in the Presidential race. Since the two candidates in the Mayoral race were 99,293 apart, those 135,048 people not voting could have been the difference.

In the Mayoral  race, Early Voting was king. Absentee Ballots was second and Election Day came in third.

In the Presidential election results for Miami Dade County, you see the same trend in voting methods.

The same held true for the Senate race, Early Voting was the preferred method of voting with Absentees coming in second and Election Day third, for both Dems and Pubs. By Hillary's double lead in early voting, it is easy to see where Dems prefer to vote. That would mean that in the Mayoral race, Carlos Gimenez got his jump in Early Voting from the Dems.


Anonymous said...

Maybe fraud was in play?

WOOF said...

Election day voters were probably less prepared for the complex ballot.
They voted on what they were comfortable with and had knowledge of then left submitting incomplete ballots.

Geniusofdespair said...

I doubt it the numbers are not crazy enough.

Anonymous said...

Who are Carlito and Raquelita? They will be deported soon.

Anonymous said...

One elected republican official said they need to deport from three generations back to the present, that would include both mayoral candidates.

Anonymous said...

Can't make that assumption. Doesn't make sense.