Friday, November 04, 2016

Donald Trump and Marco Rubio profit from climate change denial: a note for Florida Republicans ... by gimleteye

Only a few days left to the election and the answer to the question: what message will Republican voters in Florida send to the world next Tuesday? Donald Trump is welded to global warming deniers, just like Marco Rubio. Here is some factual data that might help Republican voters:

1) A new visual representation from NASA -- the agency that GOP leaders in Congress want to de-fund from its climate science mission -- of sea ice melt in the Arctic since the 1980s. This is just breath-taking.

2) How many Olympic-size swimming pools of water is Greenland losing each year, due to melting ice? Hint: the answer is more than 100 million.

3) Why do Republicans still reject the science of global warming? Rolling Stone offers an opinion: the answer is political money from fossil fuel industries.

This would be a good time to note that Florida's electric utilities spent tens of millions promoting the fake-solar Amendment 1 (Amendment 1 Blocks The Sun: the right vote, is NO). The electric utilities share with fossil fuel industries the conviction that protecting their profits and executive compensation plans comes first: future be damned.

They will protect their business models at all costs, including yours. Denial of climate change is a key driver of Donald Trump and Marco Rubio's campaigns. Florida Republicans: don't vote for them.


Gimleteye said...

This is as good a place as any to note the kerfuffle reported by the Miami Herald about the actual amount of money invested by FPL and its electric utility allies in Amendment 1. Originally reported as more than $42 million, the Herald corrected and pointed out that due to a discrepancy in the state campaign finance database, that utilities only invested $30 million. ONLY. LOL. I would have hated to be the Miami Herald reporter on the other end of her editor's phone call (or FPL's) screaming: "You are no better than a blogger!" ::)) Hey, it's still our money that is funding that phone call from FPL.

Anonymous said...

And another study came out yesterday: