Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Marco Rubio sticks to Donald Trump like Crazy Glue ... by gimleteye

The most fateful decision of Marco Rubio's political career has been to support Donald Trump, who belittled him in the GOP presidential primary.

Senator Rubio has reversed position on many issues, including the most basic: whether or not he would run for re-election in the US Senate.

But where there is dignity in Rubio, it is his unwavering opposition to Castro Cuba and political accommodation. Rubio's career owes as much to the hardliner Miami-Dade, Cuban American voter this sentiment represents as to any voting bloc in Florida.

So how does Rubio square that position with the GOP candidate for president of the United States, Donald Trump, who in the late 1990's -- at a time of high tension in the Miami Cuban-American community with respect to Castro Cuba -- made stealth advances to Castro Cuba?

Still Marco Rubio sticks to Donald Trump like Crazy Glue.

This November, Florida voters are obliged to vote for nation before party. Rubio made his decision: party before nation.

In Donald Trump, America has the least qualified, most dangerous candidate for president ever. Senator Rubio sticks to his side. Florida voters, Democrats and Republicans, should remind Senator Rubio at the polls. "Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you."


Anonymous said...

VF: "it being the 80s, Trump was a recurring fixture in the pages of Spy. We ridiculed not just his fingers but also his business judgment, his jaw-dropping pronouncements, his inflated wealth, his hair, and his marital situations. There was a threatened lawsuit, resulting in a lot of back-and-forth legal letters between him and me. And we printed all of those. At one point we sent checks for $1.11 out to 58 of the “well-known” and “well-heeled” to see who would take the time to endorse and deposit the checks from a firm we called the National Refund Clearinghouse. The ones who deposited the $1.11 checks were sent 64-cent checks, and the ones who deposited those were sent checks for 13 cents. This being in the days before electronic deposits and such, the exercise took the better part of a year. At the end, only two 13-cent checks were signed—and we couldn’t believe our good fortune. One was signed by arms trader Adnan Khashoggi. The other was deposited by Donald Trump."

Anonymous said...

Remember Trump said as soon as he began his campaign that his supporters would vote for him even if he stood in a crowded street and shot someone in the head, and everyone knew he killed that person.

Rubio, Cruz, and the all the rest are a part of his mindless supporters. There is nothing he could say or do, for them to not support him.

It was a very powerful statement of loyalty above morality, right and wrong, the importance of the rule of law, or any other values Americans hold dear. You could call it some kind of mind control, or thought manipulation. His supporters seem to give up rational thought in exchange for supporting him. Some of them might even kill themselves if he told them to do it.

Think about it. With all the things he has said and done just in the campaign, can you imagine what he will say and do with all the power of the presidency?

Anonymous said...

Okay so Trump says in theory if he kills someone, but Hillary actually killed people she is a better option?

Sounds idiotic. The Kool-Aid batch you are drinking might have Provigil in it.

Anonymous said...

Hillary didn't kill anyone you nitwit.

Anonymous said...

Marco Rubio is Miami Cuban establishment's best hope after half a century of undeserving hand outs and entitlements under the illusion (delusion) of fighting communism. Can Miami's Cuban Americans not come up with anyone better???

Anonymous said...

They need to find someone who likes to go to work, and serve the needs of people.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Anon above, are you ready to kill yourself on Trump's command?

Geniusofdespair said...

Sorry, language was unaccetable. Nitwit is one thing but yours was over the top. Hillary did not go out and 'kill' someone. Policy is different than Trump's statement.

Anonymous said...

Where is the video of the woman on calle ocho telling people to go back to their country and stop taking public money? It was hilarious. I didn't save it.

It's really not a bad political play for Marco. He is banking on the fact that Miami Cubans have little regard for much that is factual and the redneck gringos in the state will adore him for his love of Trump. He really can't lose that much in the 305. But he will gain traction in rural areas.

It is funny though how many of the Cubans in MIA lament things like, "why do black people only vote for a black person?" or "why do Haitians only vote for Haitians?" To which I ask, "why do Cubans only vote for Cubans?" Cubans also took a liking to Bileca because he has a latino sounding name but is not latino.