Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Latin Builders Association endorses Hillary Clinton: Marco Rubio looks even weaker ... by gimleteye

Miami Republicans claim to be voting against Trump but for every GOP candidate on the November ticket. Not so fast.

The Trump debacle is cracking the myths of Lee Atwater, Karl Rove, and Roger Ailes. Meanwhile, those with a deep interest in the outcome have are hedging their political bets with Democrats.

The Miami Herald reports the unprecedented endorsement of a Democratic candidate for president, Hillary Clinton, by the politically powerful Latin Builders Association.

LBA leaders plan to meet with Clinton behind closed doors Tuesday, when she will hold a rally at Miami Dade College’s Kendall Campus with former Vice President Al Gore. “Throughout its 40-year history, the LBA has consistently endorsed candidates who have conservative principles, a pro-business mindset, believe in limited government regulation, and possess strong business ethics and family values that have closely aligned with ours,” LBA President Alex Lastra said in a statement. “In the past, these candidates have tended to be from the Republican Party.”

But, Lastra added, the president should also “possess the right temperament, sound judgment, knowledge of national and international issues and the ability to bring people together, regardless of party affiliation.” “It is clear that, in this election, the candidate whose values best align with the LBA and who possesses these important qualities is Hillary Clinton."

The LBA has a long history of political influence-peddling through a Christmas tree-shaped campaign finance system that normally benefits Republican candidates waiting for gifts under the tree.

While Marco Rubio was a favored LBA politician in the past, there are good reasons that support for him is wavering among segments of the Cuban-American and Hispanic development community.

For example, Jeb Bush was a LBA champion of long-standing in Florida. Rubio's disrespect toward Jeb during the presidential primary was widely noted, if not openly criticized. Trump cracked open the opportunity for self-criticism and introspection by Republicans.

Rubio revealed as a political opportunist willing to kick anyone, including Jeb, to the curb if it helped him race by. Marco Rubio could never wait his turn, and that is irritating to GOP money donors whose fortunes grew from careful planning; planning Trump turned to dust.

Even today, Rubio views his Senate seat as a stepping stone to the next presidential race. Only, Marco didn't race by: he won scarcely 15% of the Florida GOP presidential primary vote. Miami Republicans may want to move on, too.

Without question, Rubio hears Patrick Murphy on his heels, but not just Murphy. With the LBA throwing its support to Clinton, even to Rubio his support for Trump, the man who belittled him, must seem increasingly like political hemlock.

It is an unexpected development in what is a year of unexpected consequences to the GOP amid questions: do Republicans in Miami matter after Trump and Rubio's pandering to his values? If the answer to that question is only 50-50, there are going to be a lot more changes in 2017.


Anonymous said...

Hillary, LBA is the most feared cartel in Miami.

Anonymous said...

At this stage of the campaign, I'm not sure Murphy will pull out a win over Rubio. I do hope so but it appears unlikely. Unless some pics of Marco with a mule or something like that surface, it looks like we'll have another do-nothing Senator for six years.