Saturday, October 15, 2016

King Tide Saturday October 15th Dinner Key, Coconut Grove. By Geniusofdespair

They expect a 3 foot height of high tide during this King Tide (Sunday and Monday). This is at 2'.8" today, Saturday, at Dinner Key in Coconut Grove. I took these photos at about 9:30 A.M - High Tide. Normal tides are 2.1 to 2.5 inches. What a difference just 3 inches can make! And they expect 4" more?

CG Marina has 3 docks. All 3 are underwater. They are between Scotty's and City Hall.
CG Marina next to City Hall - dock #3

CG Marina still operating during King Tide - dock #2

CG Marina dock #1

Meyers Park near the boat ramp in Coconut Grove.
Again Meyers Park going towards sailing club.
Border of Peacock Park -- Home. You can see the water has been even higher. Looking towards the harbor.

Grove Isle: The two is almost submerged on the seawall.
Beach at Grove Isle during King Tide


Anonymous said...

Docks need to be floating with pile rollers. Seawall all need to be raised and concrete grout injected all around the seawall area. This is pure negligence by the owners which happens to be the city. I'm surprised people still are using fixed docks. Everybody must be broke. Absolute failure to improve infrastructure.

Anonymous said...

Excellent pictures to help explain to the 'deniers' that the water is not coming over the sand dunes but through the porous rock via aquifer.

Anonymous said...

What climate change? It's all a hoax by the dems.

Donald Pump said...

I for one will enthusiastically embrace climate change, I have brought up all the property I can in Hialeah and Westchester. SoonI will develop Hialeah By the Sea and Westchester Beach.