Thursday, October 20, 2016

Help Restore Pine Rockland and Coastal Wetlands - Volunteers Needed! By Geniusofdespair

Need a break from the election? Do something to make a difference out enjoying nature.

Date: October Saturday 22- Sunday 23
Time: 8:30 AM- 3:00 PM
Location: 18400 Old Cutler Rd, Cutler Bay, Fl 33157

*SE corner of Old Cutler Rd and SW 184 st. Park along curb on 184 st east side of Old Cutler Rd.

*Please bring sunscreen, mosquito repellent and work gloves. Water and snacks will be provided*

What is this effort about:
Florida's coastal communities and our Biscayne Bay Coastal Wetlands are increasingly threatened by rising sea levels and extreme weather events are being intensified by climate change. This is why local community restoration efforts of coastal habitats like in Cutler Bay and Palmetto Bay are critical to reduce the impacts where rapid development is threatening neighborhoods and safety.

Please learn more and join these efforts by coming to our workdays 10/22 & 23. Come experience an ecosystem restoration hands on. Volunteers are wanted to continue to restore coastal wetlands, pine rocklands, and hammock habitat. Please, help create a natural buffer that will protect us and bring resiliency to our community. We will be planting native plants, mulching, and weeding.
You can also make a donation online The raised money will be used to buy hundreds of native plants and trees, and supplies.

I will be there. Just look for the one wearing sunscreen. Sounds like fun too!   



Livablecutler said...

We have hundreds of plants to plants. If you bring a school volunteer form it will be signed for volunteer hours. It's a great time and a great cause restoring our ecosystems. Join us!!!

Beth Kibler said...

Thanks for getting the word out EOM! See you there.