Saturday, October 08, 2016

GOP: Too Repulsed By Donald Trump To Divorce Him ... by gimleteye

Yesterday a woman -- a friend who supports Donald Trump -- told me not to worry about Donald, "He doesn't mean what he says." That was before the bombshell revelation: a taped 2005 conversation, when Trump was 59, where he talks about hitting on a married woman and being so magnetized by women he just kisses them and "grabs them by the pussy". His new wife, Melania, was pregnant at the time.

GOP leaders scrambled their condemnations like jet planes to defend the national border. Evangelicals fell silent.

Notably, Florida Governor Rick Scott said he was "too busy" to respond, but Hurricane Matthew was already off the Florida border with Georgia. Truthfully, Scott is all-in with the pussy-grabber as his national campaign finance chair. Senator Marco Rubio, who is now stuck to Donald Trump like Crazy Glue, went looking for his weather-vane.

Trump offered a mouthy pout: "I'm sorry if I offended anyone."

We've never met, but I feel like I know Donald Trump. I know Donald Trump from the playground where bullies imposed their will on the younger and more vulnerable. His is the apology of a schoolyard bully caught in the act by a teacher, hauled into the principal's office, apologizes then ordered to "say it like you mean it".

Trump is the bully who had to apologize twice but you knew in your gut, he never meant it. Just like as an adult, he "never meant" to stiff contractors and consultants with whom he had legal agreements. Or xenophobia, racism, misogyny, homophobia or mocking the disabled.

Here is the thing about bullies: they have a scent for weakness. In their wounded view of the world, when they zero in they "grab it by the pussy". That just "makes them smart". That's what Donald Trump did when he belittled Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio in the GOP presidential primary.

America has never elected a schoolyard bully to the White House. I don't believe our nation will elect one, in November.


Anonymous said...

What does it mean to have a puxxygrabber as President of the United States of America? As President, and a star, will he go around grabbing them? If he does, will we be liable for the resulting lawsuits since we knew before voting that this was how he reacted to beautiful women?

Anonymous said...

Just wait until he tries that move on Angela Merkel.

Anonymous said...

Isn't she the president of Aleppo?

Anonymous said...

What's a leppo?

Anonymous said...

"No man that plays with or even talks about anyone's pussy other than is wife is qualified to be president".
If forget who said that. Was it Jefferson, Roosevelt, Kennedy or Bubba?

Anonymous said...

Trump is vile but sadly HRC and the establishment is worse. The tax dodging Amazon-Washington Post who thinks that Snowden (who gave them the material to win a Pulitzer) should be shot, released this Trump video just as we learn that HRC promised in several speeches to Wall Street, MORE FREE TRADE, CUTS IN SOCIAL SECURITY, AND WALL STREET IN CHARGE OF FINANCIAL REGULATIONS. But the NYTs only manages to write one small article on this, and offers non stop coverage of Trump sex life. Do we know who the 1% favor. Somebody reliable that they could control. The 1% is with Her.