Monday, October 31, 2016

Early Voting on a rainy Sunday. By Geniusofdespair

Candidates at Early Voting in Coral Gables:

State Rep Candidate Daisy Baez - Endorsed by President Barack Obama. Thank you for dressing appropriately while running for office Daisy. Candidates should think about that, it is not about their comfort only -- it is about looking professional while you are comfortable.  PLEASE NO COSTUMES CANDIDATES. Voting is not a joke to us. You might go stir crazy out there all day but we only are there for fifteen minutes and see you for five minutes at most. 

Also looking professional, State Senate Candidate/Front-Runner Jose Javier Rodriguez, with Lobbyist-Candidate Miguel Diaz de la Portilla lurking behind him.

It was rainy, let's check the numbers for early voting at this popular site on Segovia. 1,307 people voted yesterday. That is the lowest amount of voters at this site since early voting began AND IT WAS SUNDAY. 

My rain theory is on target -- that Floridians are afraid of rain. 

All sites were down yesterday. 23,577 voted SUNDAY in Miami Dade County, from a high daily count of 35,135 (first day of early voting). Aventura, North Miami and North Dade Regional Library, were up from their Saturday numbers but not by much.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe they think they will melt!!! The wonderful thing is that even with this volume, there are no wait times. Last time we had a little more voters, and it was a nightmare to taxpayers and voters. People need to come and vote as the discomfort they experienced before has been addressed with added sites, expanded capacity, and more and longer days. They have until Nov.6th for early voting and the last day is always chaos. Another thing, a lot of people have mail in ballots and have not returned them. Vote and put them in the mailbox.

Turnout is critical. If we go below 75% turnout rate, it means a greater percentage of the vote has already occurred. In a tight race, every vote will count. Bush won with 526 votes. Not even 1 vote per precinct. To think we could get dictator Trump who would rule the country with fear; telling lie after lie; removing all the 11 million immigrants and treating them like dogs; jailing his enemies; causing one constitutional crisis after another; destroying the free press; destroying the global economy; pushing America into a depression to increase the wealth of the wealthy; using the presidency to destroy his very long enemies list; and so many other negative things, simply because you did not go to vote or simply failed mailed your ballot in. Get your ballot in, or go to early voting. Freedom is not free. Vote for Hillary!!!