Friday, October 14, 2016

Donald Trump's defender: Newt Gingrich, great pretender ... by gimleteye

Newt Gingrich is the political opportunist of our era; a discredited, former speaker of the House of Representatives who used his access to Donald Trump, the most clueless candidate for president in US history, to claw his way into the spotlight he craves like a moth to flame.

Young voters may not remember Gingrich. He became infamous by energizing the Christian conservative base while divorcing his then wife’s as she lay on her deathbed. Unforgettable, but memories are short.

To Republicans of a certain age, Gingrich was the silver-haired professor who blistered President Bill Clinton, accusing him of adultery while he was committing it himself. More to the point of governance, Gingrich steered Congress through his "Contract with America", promising to deliver the benefits of trickle-down economics. It is the consequence of those ideas in the mid 1990's -- for instance, that cutting taxes for the wealthiest and for corporations is the best way to grow jobs -- that has Trump voters up in arms.

Trump voters don't seem to understand that their candidate's top defender is the guy who advocated policies they are against. That's just how screwed up the Donald Trump campaign is.

To be sure, Newt Gingrich is well-spoken. He chooses words after carefully researching their impact. He can speak beyond sound bites in fully formed paragraphs. Don't mistake that talent for wisdom. In fact, after his fall from grace, Newt Gingrich developed a collegial relationship with Hillary Clinton. That's right: the same Hillary Clinton he inveighs against today. Newt Gingrich loves himself the most. That puts him on par with Donald Trump, who doesn't want anyone else at his level. Period.

One cannot believe a word that Newt Gingrich says, beyond his own ambitions to have a fourth act in his personal drama. Someone should explain to Newt: there are second and third acts, but no fourth acts.

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Anonymous said...

I am so sick of this election I could scream! I want Trump and all of his cast of characters to disappear off the scene. Of course Newt is an egotist. He knew Trump was unacceptable from the get-go. Yet he pimped off of him for attention as long as he could.