Monday, October 17, 2016

A Letter To Millennial And Independent Voters ... by gimleteye

Dear Millennials and Independent Voters,

During the 2000 presidential campaign, millennials and independents were angered how Al Gore and his campaign advisors decided to proceed in the final months, avoiding issues like the environment. The Gore campaign reckoned such a bright line delineated their candidate from George Bush, that there was no need to emphasize his core positions. When pressed on local controversies like the redevelopment of the Homestead Air Force Base, they snarled, “Get a life!"

Perhaps they worried that the environment would be used to gin up Bush campaign donors and jeopardize — in a narrow election — battleground states like Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida with voters who viewed environmental protection as something other people could afford. Whatever the case, Gore was silent.

Ralph Nader, the choice of millennials and independents at the time, filled the breach. Al Gore lost the presidency by an impossibly slim margin.

Today's generation of millennials and independents may find Hillary Clinton “unlikeable", they may view her as “untrustworthy” or part of an old guard that does not represent their interests in reform and real change. If so, listen to history.

Whatever one thinks of George W. Bush, Jr., whether “incurious” or a good guy misled by advisors, those in his inner circle pushed the United States to terrible outcomes. A majority of American voters would take them back if we could.

Dick Cheney, Bush's vice-president, and Donald Rumsfeld, his secretary of defense, lied to the American public when they steered the US to a war in Iraq that cost trillions. Cheney, also, diverted environmental policies to fossil fuel industry lobbyists, costing precious lost time in the battle against climate change.

Consider Trump's inner circle as an indicator of what a Trump presidency would hold for America. The candidate whose sexual groping on live television sent his poll numbers into a spiral is being advised by Roger Ailes, the former Fox News chief brought down by multiple allegations of sexual misconduct. Trump advisors include NJ governor Chris Christie who used a commuter disaster on the George Washington Bridge to punish a mayor who would not support him and laughed about it. Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of NYC, actually blamed President Obama for 9/11. Business leaders for Trump are mainly tied to fossil fuel industries.

Donald J. Trump would deliver the White House to conspiracy theorists. His rise to the top of the Republican Party has already eroded the credibility of the United States as leader of the free world.

There are some voters who lament both candidates — Hillary and Donald — just let the bull-in-the-china shop. This is no time to stand on principle when one candidate, Donald Trump, knows so little, demonstrates such vanity and volatile connection to reality.

Millennials and independent voters, here is the bottom line: on election day, leave your angst at home. Vote for Hillary Clinton and send Donald Trump back to self-branding hotels, neck ties and Vodka bottles.

“We are strong enough to survive Donald Trump”, the magical thinking goes. We were young once, too, survived the 2000 election, and say to you in 2016: don't go down that road again.


Don't Waste Your Vote said...

Millennials Don't Waste your vote on the Megalomaniac Trump or the Influence peddling Billary. Vote for Gary Johnson yes he won't win but a strong showing will create a third and possibly fourth option in many elections to come (if there are anymore elections after this disaster).
You don't have to agree with Johnson, he won't win but if you think the two party system should go the way of the Edsel,the Pet Rock or Millie Vinilli(Ask your baby boomer parents about those)then you should vote for Gary Johnson.
Al Gore is as much of a full of himself blowhard as W stop having wet dreams about him having been elected.

Gifted said...

Too long...didn't read.

Is it possible to make this into a meme?

-Millennial Voter

Anonymous said...

The logic of the posting readers escapes me. I'm starting to think, that a periodic civics test for all voters, would not be a bad idea. You know, one that's required of people becoming citizen.

After all, it takes a drivers licence to steer a vehicle.
Why not a civics license to steer the ship of state.
And a triple difficult test for elected officials.

Anonymous said...

Environmentalists who voted for Nader in protest to Gore got Bush and sat at Enviro group planning session 6 years later talking about how they 'should not mention climate change and sea level rise at it just pisses off the GOP'.

As Obama said about liking the Presidential candidates...“That's not an option folks — steak or fish. You may not like steak or fish, but that's your choice."

Anonymous said...

I am voting for Jill Stein better vote a losing card on principles than to vote for either of those two sure losers.

Geniusofdespair said...

Principles... You are real idiots. This isn't the time. This is so dopey I am embarrassed at our readers stupidity. You have to be pulling our leg, you didn't even read the post.

Anonymous said...

I read it, you're over your head

Anonymous said...

OK, it's your watch too. Generations before us have through much sacrifice delivered a democracy and a way of life that is the envy of the world. For yourselves, your children when you have them, and future generations, you have a responsibility to pass it on intact. Trump is a major threat to our democracy, our way of life, and the values we hold dear. We have many enemies seen and unseen who are plotting our demise using many strategies. This is not a typical presidential election. Your country needs you now. Vote for Hillary.

Anonymous said...

For the millennials this is the first time in their lives the country calls out for help from them. They are under an intense spotlight, being watched closely by people all over the world and they don't know it. If they don't step up and vote for Hillary, when we are gone, they may be living under dictatorships, totalitarian, or nazi-like governments, simply because they did not stand up when the threat appeared. We need to know they will continue the democratic franchise when we are gone. Trust me there will be many challenges in their lifetimes, but they need to see a threat when it appears. They will have very tough choices, and will have to make many sacrifices to keep our democracy intact. Throughout our history, each generation has met the call. Let's see what the millennials do.