Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Zika: Governor Rick Scott's wife is invested in the mosquito control business and the Toxic Spray on Miami Beach. By Geniusofdespair

Aerial applications of naled can drift up to one-half mile!!

Ann Scott has multi-millions invested in the mosquito eradication business Mosquito Control Service LLC...don't get too excited the company is not a vendor for the State...yet.

Meanwhile we are being sprayed with toxic pesticides. Miami Dade County (Mayor Carlos Gimenez) is spraying the dreaded Naled pesticide for zika. It is a spray that has been said to be more harmful to humans than mosquitoes according to my expert friend, whom I don't know what she does for a living. But my expert friend also confirms that Ann Scott might have money invested in a company breeding Zika infected mosquitoes and Ann Scott may be releasing the bred mosquitoes in Democratic stronghold areas: Hence Wynwood and Miami Beach.

Rally against spraying this morning in Miami Beach:

My friend also said there is a rally today at Miami Beach city hall at 9 am, in protest of the spraying. Further she said some Miami Beach commissioners are on board protesting Mayor Gimenez issuing the quick order for widespread toxic spraying of scads of people (and I suppose mosquitoes) without full consent.

Like the people on Miami Beach aren't challenged enough with Mayor Levine leading them?

Naled exposure:

Like all organophosphate insecticides, NALED (DIBROM) Naled is an insecticide in the organophosphate pesticide family used primarily for mosquito control. Dibrom is a common brand name for naled products. About one million pounds are used annually in the U.S. Like all organophosphates, naled is toxic to the nervous system. Symptoms of exposure include headaches, nausea, and diarrhea. Naled is more toxic when exposure occurs by breathing contaminated air than through other kinds of exposure. In laboratory tests, naled exposure caused increased aggressiveness and a deterioration of memory and learning. (I think I must have been sprayed)

"The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has written that “adulticiding, application of chemicals to kill adult mosquitoes by ground or aerial applications, is usually the least efficient mosquito control technique."


Madera said...

Miami Beach Rally against Naled is this morning, Weds 9/7 at 9AM outside of the Miami Beach City Hall on 17th street and Meridian.

Anonymous said...

They will kill every insect alive to protect their rack room rate.

Anonymous said...

The medical community in Miami Beach is going to swamped with confused tourists who cannot tell if they have zika or just ate bad food on Lincoln Road or Ocean Drive. I bet Mount Sinea and all the Urgent Care facilities are to have a nice tourist bilking rate to treat these foreigners. Anybody in the medical community know what is being done to diagnose people who come down with the famous South Beach diarrhea?

Philip Stoddard said...

Zika is a nasty virus, not to be taken lightly. Naled is a nasty organophosphate, not to be ingested or contacted, ESPECIALLY BY PREGNANT WOMEN. There is a third choice that is declared safe by the FDA - release of transgenic male mosquitoes. Some people hate the idea of GMO's, but Zika calls for us to be practical for once.

Anonymous said...

Zika's threat was clearly looming over South Florida as early as fall of 2015, every administration in Miami-Dade County should have started a proactive plan and preemptive strategy to tackle Zika and mosquito control early on and every single administration failed at the expense of the residents. The problem with politics today is our politicians love a crisis and they know how beautiful and plentiful the bounty of a good crisis is. Political gain this time at the cost of the citizens' health and lives. SMH

Anonymous said...

Gimenez spoke. He was a disaster. Everyone got mad at him.

Anonymous said...

BATS! One Bat eats 1000 Mosquitoes per day ! Bat-Houses can be purchased online or at Home Depot & Lowes. Each Bat-House caters to 20-25 Bats. That's approximately 25K eliminated each day! NO CHEMICALS NEEDED.

Anonymous said...

BATS! One Bat eats 1000 Mosquitoes per day ! Bat-Houses can be purchased online or at Home Depot & Lowes. Each Bat-House caters to 20-25 Bats. That's approximately 25K eliminated each day! NO CHEMICALS NEEDED.

Anonymous said...

In FL so far there are 600 people with Zika. Eighty (80) of them are pregnant women, so we may be looking at medical care for 80 Zika babies. Debbie Wasserman is working hard to get something done when Congress goes in session. The entire FL delegation should get with her and lay out a strategy to get a clean bill passed when congress meets. With all of them, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, working together, they should be able to make something happen.