Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Say No to Miguel! Wrong choice. Guest Blog by Juan Cuba

In case any of my friends were even thinking of voting for Miguel Diaz de la Portilla, let me remind you of a few things:

1. He was for open-carry before he was against it. He voted in 2011 for open-carry (SB234) in committee but thankfully it didn't make it to the floor. And despite his best John Kerry impression, that doesn't make him a Dem.
2. He had a 93% rating from the NRA in 2015. That same year he voted to expand "Stand Your Ground" laws that would have shifted the burden of proof, requiring prosecutors to prove why a defendant could not claim the state's SYG law as a defense.
3. He's responsible for the voter suppression laws that reduced the number of early voting days and put unconstitutional onerous restrictions on groups registering voters. The result was 5 to 6 hour wait times in 2012.
4. He's a lobbyist for Academica, the largest for-profit charter school management company, and surreptitiously lobbies for FPL. He blurs the line between legislator and lobbyist constantly.
5. He takes max-out contributions from private prisons. Making a monetary incentive to fill up prisons isn't just bad public policy, it's immoral.
6. And don't let some union endorsements fool you, he's not a supporter of public schools, and voted for Rick Scott's $1.3 billion cut to education & steep cuts to Bright Futures.
7. He's threatening unions that if they don't protect him, then he won't protect them when anti-union Republicans try to end collective bargaining next year. It's essentially a hostage situation, but thankfully some unions are standing up and calling his bluff.
8. He voted for 24-hour waiting periods, imposing religiously motivated government regulations on a personal decision between a woman, her doctor, and her faith.

Did I miss anything? DLP is only #MakingItHappen for his clients and his Republican buddies. Don't vote for him. Vote for José Javier Rodríguez who will fight for our values, even when it's not an election year.


Anonymous said...

I heard Jose speak once. His campaign sign is now gracing my front yard. No other candidate has there sign there. He is sincere and convincing.

Anonymous said...

Miguel DLP is now disavowing "conservative". LOL. Funny what redistricting will do.

Anonymous said...

Juan, why are the United Teachers of Dade supporting DLP if he supports charter schools and is a bad guy like you say? Stop lying to people to win an election. You liberals lie too much.