Monday, September 12, 2016

On Politico's Top 50 List: Mayor Philip Stoddard and Dr. Harold Wanless ... gimleteye

Politico's guide to thinkers, do'ers and visionaries for 2016.

Well deserved and congratulations. Check our archive to understand the work of both, like Dr. Wanless' efforts to obtain a meeting with Senator Marco Rubio (denied) to discuss climate change.
Wanless, a geologist from the University of Miami and South Florida’s climate change Cassandra, has said for years that much of South Florida would sink; his prediction that the state’s southern tip has only a half-century left above water has earned him the nickname “Dr. Doom.” He predicts that the rate of sea-rise will be much faster than most models suggest—Miami Beach will experience 10 to 30 feet of sea-rise by 2100, he says—and that moving to higher ground will be the only real option for many residents of South Florida. For that reason, he has openly criticized Miami Beach’s program to install flood pumps as a waste of money. “Why would you put $100 million into infrastructure that won’t even survive the next foot of sea-level rise?” Wanless asks.


Anonymous said...

Both, support buying additional land in the EAA.

Anonymous said...

The Miami Beach flood pumps were designed to reduce water levels after a flooding event, not to prevent flooding. The city has already gained $1 billion in new property tax valuations to pay for more improvements. The property tax valuations in Miami Beach will never go down. Property valuations are being maintained while the city is sinking. Raising streets puts private property below street level which makes most private property worthless. It then becomes the private property owners problem to raise their structure above street level. The owners of Miami Beach need good contractors not scientists to help them fix their problems.

Anonymous said...

Courage, these guys 'got it' in a sea of self promoting 'artificial sweetener' politicians and so called 'civic leaders'.
Thee guys are local heros not fully appreciated in their own community. No surprise, neither were other great leaders at first.

Anonymous said...

"The property tax valuations in Miami Beach will never go down."

Almost spilled my coffee this morning.
The only thing for sure is , Property Insurance will not go down, until it abruptly goes away.

Anonymous said...

Does the property insurance cover the complete takeover of Miami Beach by the Atlantic Ocean? If so, how high does the water have to rise before you can file a claim?

Bob Welsh said...

Want to buy some lots on the Lake Wales Ridge? BIcycle Bob