Saturday, September 17, 2016

Miami Herald sues to obtain Zika case locations, but not rare pediatric cancer cluster? ... by gimleteye

It is an outrage that the State of Florida Department of Health is blocking disclosure where rare pediatric cancers are occurring in Miami-Dade County, and more so that Miami-Dade County takes at face value single-sentence denial by the state that a cluster of rare pediatric cancers even exists in Miami-Dade.

Five independent reviews of available data by the American Statistical Association -- all verifying rare pediatric cancer clusters in Florida -- have been ignored for years. Why isn't the Miami Herald pursuing this story in the courts, with the same zeal as with the location of Zika cases?

Help Eye On Miami ask the question! Demand answers.

Vote out of office those elected officials who do not make this issue an urgent priority in November and who are silent. It is not enough to go on corporate runs and wear pink ribbons to show your affinity: cancer is political, and there will be no action until you demand it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping this issue on the table. The fact that there is silence and no quantitative statement of the magnitude of the problem is telling.

The legislators are playing around with Zika too. We know that whenever numbers are given, they are conservative. While they work up and down in the problem, the disease is spreading and at some point, affecting all of our lives. In Puerto Rico they say there are over 20,000 Zika cases. Of those, 1,700 are pregnant women. So there may be a whole new population of Zika people.

Anonymous said...

They're still publishing the Miami Herald? Why?

Same deal for elections, what's the point?

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