Saturday, September 10, 2016

Comcast Xfinity Sucks Big Time. By Geniusofdespair

Comcast is so inferior to Atlantic Broadband.  SOOOO INFERIOR. Maybe our 5,762,000 page views will at least make Comcast take a look at their model with service calls and showing up -- which stinks.

Not only does Comcast Xfinity LIE. They Lie. We caught them in 1/2 a dozen lies. 2 we have on tape. And of course they don't show up for service calls. I stayed home for 3 service calls. Never showed.

I got this message yesterday: "They will be there in 20 minutes at about 4:40." Then about 4:30 we got a voicemail that said they were there but the building wouldn't let them, because on Friday after 4, Saturday, and Sunday trucks are not allowed in. Hah, I didn't believe them. I walked to the guard booth and asked the guard why we weren't called when Comcast Xfinity came. He said they were never here. He did say there was one Comcast Xfinity truck today. He said that truck was servicing another condo (it was 5:30). The Guard said the condo has no such weekend rule for Comcast Xfinity if the customer is home.  None.

The Guard said before becoming a Guard he was a Comcast Xfinity installer. The Guard said there is a scam at Comcast Xfinity with the installers. He said first they call you a couple of times (which they did but no one was on the line when we answered). Then they say you weren't home and then you are rescheduled by an automated voice with a random appointment. Meanwhile, you have been sitting there like a jerk for 3 hours and the NEW random appointment is a week out.

We also got a call from a garbled guy from dispatch who gave us a different story: They had an emergency and they were canceling our appointment. Then you couldn't understand anything he had to say.  We got disconnected a bunch of times from Comcast. Twice while making an appointment.

In one of the other cases, I was here for 3 hours no one ever showed. I called and they said I had no appointment. They insisted. Only thing is, I had a voicemail of the appointment time and date and the guy talking who scheduled it. The Comcast Agent wouldn't listen to it. In the first case, they just never showed up.

Will  4 times be the Comcast Charm? Fuck Comcast the worst company ever. I have spent 9 hours waiting for them so far. The part I hate: The lies.


youbetcha' said...

The county used to take complaints... they have/had oversight through consumer services.

Anonymous said...

If they are that bad about set-up, I wonder about the quality of the service.

Anonymous said...

Utility monopolies, brought to you by your own Municipality, what a charm for the Utility! and the officials enabling it!

Anonymous said...

The problem with Comcast you are trapped. You cannot get out from under them. All the bad people working there overshadow the good people. They have a cycle of bad management.

Anonymous said...

I used to have both, AT&T U-Verse and BombBlast. The problem with U-Verse is their top speed in my area is 16Mbps. I can copy a file to a USB drive, then drive the file to its destination, in less time than U-Verse would get it there. I dumped U-Verse. Comcast gives me 85-90Mbps down and I am only paying $39.95 per month! I have been paying this for 2 years.

I have my call records with Comcast. The reason I am paying so little is that Comcast screwed up so many times, that I basically shamed them into the rate. And, worse, when they first did the install at my house, they dug a small ditch across my driveway, right next to my garage door. Rather than seal the garage door before they started, they blew enough dirt into my garage to completely cover two cars and all of the contents of the garage with dirt. Needless to say, Comcast paid for detailing of two cars, and a professional cleaning crew to clean my garage.

Comcast really does suck! AT&T customer service is far better. They show up when they promise, they are knowledgeable, and they're professional. Their downside is their price vs. speed. U-Verse will deliver 16Mbps for MORE MONEY than the normal rate of Comcast. If I were not paying a special rate for Comcast (which ends in 6 more months), I would still use Comcast because using 16Mbps speed with 3 power users in the house, as well as a dog who enjoys watching streaming porn, we really need the Comcast high speed.

Anonymous said...

The North Coast said...

I've never heard a good word about Comcast, and in my very brief experience with their cable, had no problems but paid a lot of money for what I can get from other carriers for substantially less.

Worse, Comcast contracts out its installation, or at least it did a few years ago, and wasn't very selective about the people it sent to people's homes to install their service. The character who installed mine was rude and, well, strange, and the following year, two Chicago area women were murdered by Comcast installers, in their homes. That was about a decade ago, and I hope they do a better job of screening their contractors now.

I'm fortunate enough to live in one of RCN's service areas (Chicago, Los Angeles, New York-New Jersey-Pennsylvania), and find RCN to be superior to every other carrier I've tried. But since I only subscribe to internet, not being a TV watcher, I can only take the word of other customers, who much prefer it to Comcast.

Wherever you live, you will probably do better with a local cable company.

Anonymous said...

File a complaint with the FCC. You will hear back from high level Comcast Resolution people within hours and will resolve the problem. That is the only way to deal with those assholes.

Also call and bitch to the Chairman's Office at 215-665-1700
1500 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102

Don't forget to tell them that because of their miserable customer service you are one of the thousands that wrote in opposing their attempted merger with Time Warner.

Anonymous said...

File on online complaint with the FCC. You will hear back from Comcast within a few hours to resolve it. They are scared of the FCC. Also call the Chariman's Office at

215-665-1700 at 1500 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102

Remind them that because of their horrible customer service you are one of the thousands that formally wrote to oppose their merger with Time Warner and will do so again because they treat their customer so bad.

Anonymous said...

Comcast did a "bait and switch" when they installed my service. $39 per month became $70 per month and I have no TV.

Anonymous said...

We all should have fiber optic internet at lightning speed in today's time, in our urban homes. Instead we are served by dial up, like old speeds, at royal prices.
Got to keep that milk cow of monopoly utility going.
As much as I have grown weary of google, cant wait till they cable Dade County, as they have some mid western towns.

Anonymous said...

Clearly, they did not know who you were. They thought you were just a regular everyday person like us. Had they known who you were, you would have got the best service they offer.