Saturday, August 06, 2016

Zika, kill the mosquitos! Poisoned water: save Big Sugar! ... by gimleteye

It is too bad you can't make a few billion dollars harvesting mosquitos, because if you could then politicians wouldn't be falling all over themselves spraying people with Naled, an aerosal delivered by spray plane that can have even worse consequences to public health than the mosquito. (Please don't post comments how safe Naled is.)

On the other hand, you can make a few billion dollars growing sugarcane in the former Everglades. That's why a few million people impacted by toxic algae streaming out of Lake Okeechobee have to take it on the chin, while politicians genuflect before a few oligarchs like the Fanjuls or shareholders of King Ranch and US Sugar Corporation.

Don't you just love the 2014 memory of US Sugar Corporation ferrying GOP leaders and legislators to the King Ranch in Texas by private jet, where people like Ag. Secretary Adam Putnam assured reporters that "no business was discussed"?

Pay people five dollars per mosquito, and watch the mosquitos vanish in a few days. People will chase them like Pokemon.

Pay people to force polluters to clean up their mess, and you would see Big Sugar billionaires, centi-millionaires, and just plain millionaires wading in the St. Lucie with skimmers and buckets.

In the meantime, Miami elected officials would do far better if they handed out mosquito repellent freely to citizens than carpet bombing Naled across Florida's diminished landscapes.

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cyndi said...

your so right!