Thursday, August 04, 2016

Zika! Carcinogens! Toxic Algae! Don't worry! FL Gov. Rick Scott is doing everything he can and (Trump) EVERYTHING IS FINE ... by gimleteye

Donald Trump, passing through Florida, said, "Don't worry. Everything is fine. Gov. Rick Scott is doing everything about Zika." If you've been paying any attention at all in Florida with respect to toxics and environmental threats, we've got some problems.

Never mind that Scott, the most tone-deaf governor in Florida history, was peeved when President Obama recently declined to deliver emergency aid for toxic algae infested counties. Scott lead the charge of politicians AGAINST strengthening federal pollution control of nutrients, the cause of the toxic algae catastrophe. "We want states' rights!", was the Scott and polluters' rallying call.

Rick Scott's failure of leadership lead to Florida's toxic waterway nightmare. Scott and his PAC, "Let's Get To Work!" has taken millions from Big Sugar, whose domination of Florida's water management infrastructure and water quality rule-making in the legislature is to blame. Hundreds of thousands of residents and visitors are being exposed to filthy waters puking from Lake Okeechobee, filled with toxic algae. People are getting very sick.

From that crisis, then Scott delayed requesting federal aid from the Center for Disease Control while Zika-bearing mosquitos began multiplying in Miami. "We can take care of Zika, but we can't take care of toxic algae."

Now the mainstream media is getting wind of another health care threat: a rare pediatric cancer cluster in the Miami area.

This should not be news. A year ago, at a regional meeting in Seattle of the American Statistical Association, the nation's most prominent statisticians discussed an unprecedented series of independent analyses of pediatric cancer clusters in Florida, including an identifiable pediatric cancer cluster in Miami and the Lake Okeechobee area. Check out: Fox News, "Pediatric Cancer Cluster in SW Florida".

The State of Florida did not even send a representative to the meeting, yet Gov. Scott happily takes dozens of cronies to trade show boondoggles in France, Spain, Chile and elsewhere.

Can't you just hear him: "Cancer in kids in Miami? Oh skip that! Cancer is for losers. I've got the best seafood restaurant in Madrid!"

For YEARS, the state of Florida Department of Health has been sitting on data, failing to provide a close analysis of where -- by street and block census level -- these cancers are occurring. (This, of course, leads to a question: why hasn't Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez and the county commission INSISTED on an accounting of where rare pediatric cancers are occurring in a cluster, in Miami.)
Gov. Rick Scott wants to be Florida's next US senator. He is aiming to take on Bill Nelson in two years. Scott is all-in with Donald Trump and he is all-in with polluters. Zika, toxic algae, pediatric cancer clusters?

This November it is time for voters to take back Miami and Florida.

Here is a message from Florida Clean Water Network:

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As most of you know by now, three members of the Environmental Regulation Commission took their marching orders from the Governor’s office and approved the DEP’s proposed regulations from Human Health Based Toxics Criteria (HHTC). With 23 of these current criteria going up, you have to wonder, “what in the world are they thinking?” They won’t get invited to the next cocktail party at the Governor’s mansion if they don’t do what they are told? Nevermind that we are all exposed to enough toxic chemicals everyday anyway. We don’t need their help getting cancer or any other number of serious health problems.

Who knows what went through their minds, but they voted to increase toxic chemicals in our water and adopted criteria for 90 toxic chemicals that are less protective than EPA recommends. We all know that EPA is not exactly overboard about protecting us either. So, EPA’s recommendations are bare minimum in my book.

So what’s next? EPA must approve or disapprove these crazy, cancer-causing criteria (CCCC) before they go into effect. Whew! Thank goodness for the layers of bureaucracy between us getting more poisoned and the whimsical votes of three people. By the way, who are these three people? Here’s the list of ERC members who voted to add to our body burden of toxic chemicals:

Sarah Walton, attorney from Pensacola – Call her!!! (850-470-0091)
Cari Roth – attorney in Tallahassee – call her!!! (850-999-4100)
Craig Varn – attorney in Tallahassee – ignore him. He’s hopeless and a waste of time.

The EPA has apparently set up a special email address where we can send out complaints about Rick Scott’s new Cancer Lottery for Florida – and that’s exactly what this is. DEP likes to call it their “Monte Carlo” methodology. Well, it will definitely be a gamble for those of us who like to drink water and eat fish.

You can send your comments to EPA at this address:

Don’t delay!!! We will be sending an official comment letter within the next week or so and you will all have an opportunity to circulate it and sign on. But for now, send your comments about this outrageous pandering to polluters and Rick Scott’s corporate buddies to EPA today!! Please.

Thank you in advance for standing up for what’s right. Together we will overcome this temporary insanity that has overtaken our Capitol.

For all of Florida’s Waters!

Linda Young


Anonymous said...

It and all problems are caused by the Obama. He is the default GOP articulated cause of all ills!

Ya know, so many stupid people in this state vote against their own interests, electing clowns like blow-Jeb! and Marc-ho Rubio. These voters deserve the abuse from the GOP Koch-Sugar Bros. they receive!

Anonymous said...

We now have a zika emergency. All Congresspeople and senators need to go to Washington immediately, meet with the President, and get money and talent in here to help. It is larger than Wynwood. It maybe the whole state.

Thuc Nguyen said...
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Anonymous said...

Scott could've acted on ZIKA sooner. Spraying should've and could've been done weeks ago to avoid what happened in Wynwood. The Toxic Chemicles aka carcinogens to poison the GOOD CITIZENS of FLORIDA, is the last straw. His 3 PUPPETS on the ERC have no experience or scientific background to make a decision of this magnitude. Especially after Scientists, Biologists, Physicians, some who have Doctorates, And Masters in their field presented data and confirmation as to the dangerous toxicity and cancer causing effects of these Toxic Chemicals. They knew best and voted to poison us. The BIG KICKER IN THIS WILL JUST FLAW ALL OF YOU AS IT DID ME!!!!!!! The CHAIR, CARI ROTH, of her own admission is a BREAST CANCER SURVIVOR. She never gave detail, as to whether she had a lumpectomy, mastectomy, radiation, or chemotherapy. Ordinarily, I would feel compassion, empathy, and wish her well. However, after experiencing the loss of a colleague, who was a damn good nurse, who fought stage 4 breast cancer with every drop of energy in her body. To see her come to work after her chemo, and take care of her patients, and this poor excuse of the human race, votes YES to bring this devastation on others is beyond any comprehension I can fathom religiously, or emotionally. In the name of all those who lost their battle with cancer, both MEN & WOMEN, you are one evil person. To Linda Young, THANK YOU for writing this article. We also need to get the attention Pediatric Cancer needs, so it can be irradicated.

Anonymous said...

It is just my opinion is that Governor Rick Scott who owns/shares in hospitals chains & his wife owns medical labs throughout the state; this was intentionally done so MILLIONS WILL GET SICK so this sociopath and his cronies will pad their pockets form the Floridians who will get ill. This is work of a psychopathic sociopath who must be stopped.