Wednesday, August 24, 2016

South Florida Water Management Public Relations In A Word: Pathetic ... by gimleteye

The stone-cold, deaf media relations department of the South Florida Water Management is at it again: this time it is using taxpayer dollars to poke at public information act requests under Florida's Sunshine Law.

Here is the latest, from yesterday, suggesting that anyone's email address is at risk from the disclosure of the District's email list to a pro-Everglades lawyer. Not only that, District staff released the name of the requester -- presumably to their entire list. What is the purpose, except pettiness, spite, and insult.

I can't think of a worse use of taxpayer money than encouraging District staff to act like peeved propagandists in Russia. But there you have it. The Rick Scott Way.

Public records are public records.
Like its recent "Just The Facts" missives, the latest jab from the SFWMD against environmentalists comes from the top. From Gov. Rick Scott through his personal attorney who is now director of the district, Pete Antonacci.

There is another term for this pathetic display: the con game of a bully.

When top Republican officials from Florida -- Rick Scott, Ag. Secretary Adam Putnam, and so many others -- were ferried by private jet to the King Ranch in Texas before the 2014 election cycle (the King Ranch is not only one of the District's regulated entities, its Florida chief is on the board of the District!), Florida's GOP bigwigs objected to disclosing what they discussed over concerns for their privacy. Adam Putnam slammed a door in a reporter's face.

Now they are concerned about your privacy? Not a chance anyone associated with the SFWMD mean what they say or say what they mean. It is all BS.

Voters: Remember, in November.

Interested Parties
Media Relations, South Florida Water Management District


The South Florida Water Management District has received a public records request from a party associated with the email address - - seeking more than 5,000 email addresses contained in SFWMD's electronic mailing list. This agency is legally obligated under Chapter 119 of Florida State Statutes to fulfill this demand and provide these email addresses.

As you may know, such email lists and addresses are commercial commodities that are often bought and sold. The law prohibits SFWMD from asking about the intended use for the information. Any concern you may have about a potential invasion of privacy is understandable.

SFWMD maintains email lists with the intention of keeping the public informed about the agency's work. These email lists represents a wide range of interested parties, including individuals who requested SFWMD information, elected officials, environmental groups, businesses, scientific communities and the media.

You may receive unwanted solicitations or correspondence as a result of this public records request.

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