Saturday, August 13, 2016

Great Read: Steve Schale ... by gimleteye

On his website, Democratic advisor Steve Schale recently wrote, "Everything you need to know about Florida 2016 but were afraid to ask." It is a great read for puzzled taxpayers and citizens needing illumination about the Sunshine State.


terreg said...

Remember the old saying: Orlando is North Florida, north of that is South Georgia and Lower Alabama.

Anonymous said...

True that. So the question is: why do Dems keep selecting a North Florida Democrat to run for governor?

Anonymous said...

A North Florida dem has the right accent to not crater in North Florida, and the right politics to win South Florida. After that it's money and charisma, in that order.

Anonymous said...

Driving overnight north and listening trough the various radio stations under way, is also a adventure in itself. like a different world.
I Also remember entertaining Trucker CB radio conversations, with the occasional nearby sleep less commenters getting trashed by the old routine truckers.

I've always perceived Floriduu north of Lake Okeechobee like going on vacation in a foreign country.

Gayle Ryan said...

Sharing all over 30 pages on Facebook - this is FLoridahdah in a nutshell. Im here because I don't like SNOW....but now I go North in the summer. I taught Spec Ed in Chicago where I was born and raised. I know DIRTY Politics. But after coming to FL since 2000 and retiring to FL since 2008.......I have a new respect for Al Capone...........because he would look you in the eye and say Im going to shoot you and put you in that trunk............Gov Scott and his gang does this to us and we pay his salary with our taxes. Well...Ive been working 24/7 on the Pollution problems in FL since June of 2013 and I will not stop until they are voted OUT!!!

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