Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Florida Power and Light Finances Dwight Bullard's Mailer. By Geniusofdespair

Dwight Bullard's mailer was sent by Committee for Progressive Leadership. But look where Floridians United for Our Children's Future got their money: from FPL (BTW, The  second one on the chart: Alliance for Progress Representation PAC also got $10,000 from FPL in 2016):

Committee for Progressive Leadership was financed to the tune of $25,000 by Floridian's United for our Children's Future: An FPL Committee.

There it is, if you follow the Political Committee money it gets back to Florida Power and Light. Florida United for Our Children's Future is particularly EVIL.  Look at their last five donations: $50,000 from Big Sugar and $700,000 from Florida Power and Light.  When do you see both these horrible companies together? It is like a  bonanza of awfulness.

Here is where the Evil Floridians United for Our Children's Future spent their money in 2016:

If you looked up some of these PAC's I bet they have poisoned more than Dwight Bullard. Do not vote for Keith Perry or Holly Raschein.
 NOTE: Frank Artiles and Anitere Flores got $1,000 each from this  FPL PAC.

Floridians United for Our Children's Future has to be the supreme MISNOMER of all times. Like this has anything to do with children. Maybe they are fucking up our children's future but they are not doing much else.


Anonymous said...

Dwight bullard is a fraud. He should return the money.

Anonymous said...

Bullard has numerous fines from the elections and ethics commissions for filing issues. The man is a complete fraud. Which means he will be reelected.

Anonymous said...

Bullard said he was only late a few times in all his years of campaigning... and that he does sometimes forget the due date. He said that at the Kendall Federation meeting.

Anonymous said...

How unfortunate for us, Bullard has stood up fo the little guy, but he is beholden to the environmental antichrists. Frank Artiles too (plus he's worried about who uses what bathroom instead of serious matters). Ana Rivas Logan dropped out, so that leaves us with newbie Korge.

Anonymous said...

Bullard has been fined 14 times by the state, and has received over 70 letters, fines, and audits. He is a mess, and as he said at the forum, he is a "procrastinator." We need a fighter, not a procrastinator.

Korge has a very bright future and has stood up to FPL and Big Sugar. It's time to give the new guy a chance.

Geniusofdespair said...

Okay enough from the campaign flunkies.

Anonymous said...

Its clear as day to me - im gonna spread this around as much as possible