Friday, July 01, 2016

Raquel Regalado Rocks with the Gold Standard of Endorsements for County Mayor! By Geniusofdespair



Make no mistake, she is a contender for the Mayoral spot. Now watch the damn video, send it to all your friends, post it to Facebook because she just got a shot of B12 to her campaign. Don't look for this good news in the paper version of the Miami Herald: it is not there. WHY?

 Raquel Regalado said of the endorsement:
After personally interviewing the candidates, and examining our records of public service, the South Florida AFL-CIO came out in favor of my campaign. I am greatful to the men and women who make up Miami-Dade County's workforce for supporting my vision for a more prosperous Miami-Dade County, free of cronyism and corruption in County government. Together we will win this election and bring respectful, responsible & responsive  government to County Hall


Anonymous said...

It all sounds good, except it would be more believable, if she was not descendant of the City of Miami Mayor. Unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Raquel totally rocks! This lady is impressive. Miami-Dade needs a leader who can communicate a vision for a more prosperous community. Under Gimenez we are now rated as one of the worst places to live in the United States. And if we allow him to stay in office, it is only going to get worse.

Gimenez sent out a Spanish language mail piece announcing he has "ended corruption in the county." What bullshit. He disbanded the Public Corruption Bureau at the Miami-Dade Police Department. The only thing he has done is end corruption investigations by the Miami-Dade Police. Ended corruption? Every contract he signs, you can only guess what percentage goes to his sons and his cronies. He is a complete con-man. Only an idiot would make such a ludicrous claim.

Anonymous said...

She is an educated lawyer, young, full of energy, dedicated single parent, understands the ins and outs, has strong personality and cares for our city.

I don t see it as a negative that she is Thomas Regalado s daughter, I see it as a plus to grow in a political family with her own vision for the county. The problem is that for thise that don t know her pr her might, they will think that she is running because of her fathers position. Miami, be ready, I believe she will take the county to the next level

Anonymous said...

It is time for an experienced, capable woman to be the mayor of the county. Gimenez was lucky to get elected in the first place. He ran against a guy under federal investigation who was later indicted. His run as mayor has been lackluster at best. It is time for someone who is actually excited about doing things and making a difference to lead the county.

Power has not been good for Gimenez...his family is using him, his advisors are all getting a piece of the action on county contracts, and his staff are all afraid of him. He would be better off retiring (over $50,000 a year from County FRS; on top of his City of Miami pensions). He should golf a few more days a week and enjoy his grandchildren. I'm saying this because I used to like the guy. Raquel has my vote now.